Assembly Language Programming Tutorial – 14 – Instructions – Part 4 – Comments

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Rasim from give us another tutorial on Assembly Language Programming . In this tutorial he talks about comments.

All references in this video came from:

Assembly Language for x86 Processors (6th Edition)


MASM32 SDK Version 11 Download


Muhammad Shafiq says:

i hope u can update this tutorial regularly..i like your videos.. 🙂

NVM says:

please video how to code assembly to 8051 microcontronller , 

Dean Johnson says:

Hey Rasim, Thank you for the videos, although I think a few more examples wouldn’t go a miss, as you do read through your notes pretty quick so it doesn’t give the viewers enough time to let it all sink in.

Gecko o says:

You know I saw your 14 tutorials and so far not a single hello world program

Gaurav Sarma says:

is there any possibility to get a tutorial which is not divided into so many parts ??

BelievinSP says:

The book says block comments begin with the COMMENT directive and a user-specified symbol. So we can use any other symbol as long as it doesn’t appear within the comment lines.

Mohammed Almihiza says:

guys, you need to keep your mouth shut and watch the tuts, hes giving the audience the basics before start coding, at least hes trying to help by explaining every single thing on this language, instead of bitching, say thank you, 
Mr. Rasim Thank you so much for these tuts, we really appreciate what you doing, keep up the awesome work

Tony Rivera says:

Please continue to provide your resourceful videos to your audience.  Thank you. Great job*****

40 Dutch Ovens says:

Hi,i just watched your videos and i like the way you explain stuff.i am very new at this.i was wondering if you could help me write a short program with LOAD, SAVE, OR,JMP and JNC set of instructions. i have to write one for an assignment we got.but my knowledge on this is still very little.i was hoping to learn from you.hope to hear from you soon.

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