Assembly Language Programming Tutorial – 15 – Installing emu8086 and Printing Hello World!

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Rasim from give us another tutorial on Assembly Language Programming . In this tutorial we will finally get our feet wet and code in Assembly. Rasim also shows us how to install emu8086 and print “Hello World”.

All references in this video came from:

Assembly Language for x86 Processors (6th Edition)



Sample Code:

.model tiny ; com program , Code Data & Stack in one 64K Segment
.code ; code segment
org 100h ; code starts at offset 100h

main proc near

mov ah,09h ; function to display a string
mov dx,offset message ; offset of Message string terminating with $
int 21h ; dos interrupt

mov ah,4ch ; function to terminate
mov al,00
int 21h ; Dos Interrupt

message db “Hello World $” ; Message to be displayed terminating with a $

end main


Nab Zero says:

Man, your previous works are great. that’s why im here in 15, but could you please explain why ah? 4 ch? al? 21h? 09h? dx? offset message? why is it main proc near? im trying to learn the best I can, but these things just appeared out of nowhere.

Mohanad Hasasneh says:

thanks man but would you please explain more why we need to mov ah 09h

Ahmed Hadi says:

although, I was hoping to get explanation when I get to the programming section, you keep reading !!!! the first four lines you went over, you haven’t explained anything about them!!!! Are you sure you understand AL?

MaleboJ Sniper says:

a lot of things are not working here. well am the one who has it wrong wish u world explain some more

Kabir Ahmed says:








alina ttt says:

Hi … i like very much your explain so good. Can you, please, post a video for quicksort writen in emu8086 ?

mohamed khaled says:

fuck you mother fucker you are reading or teaching ????????!!!

Gilpow says:

Worst video series ever created on Youtube.

Farid Alkorashy says:

All I understood is that I have to buy the book from Amazon. hahahaha. You may sound smart but you must have teaching skills in order to convey information to others. It’s Assembly Language and most of your videos are between 1 and 10 minutes!

Rockeru03 says:

I would have started with the schematics of the 8086 microprocessor.
What is the role of each register.
Introduce the flags registers.
Present the structure of a .asm program
Present the role of segments.
Present the addressing mode in .asm (segment + offset)
Then I would have started with relative easy things.
Defining data, basic arithmetic operations, data conversion.
You made like 15 videos of nothing, and then jumped to interrupts. There is a whole world before making any output in assembly.

Bipul Mohanto says:

Rasim, thanks for all the hard works. One question, may be because I did not follow your tutorial continuously, why beginning you installed masm32? currently my masm32 is creating some problems running program. would you like to give some documentation on running same program in masm32?

Shakil Bin Karim says:

this was a waste of my time

hushamism says:

this movie to review what you know or to learning? you very fast and not clear enough.

Awais Bin Rashid says:


Katido 622 says:

With other tutorials I never got told about “int 21h” :O
Just one problem: This is DOS only, not windows, it will give you an access error.

Dumitru Alin says:

OMg this is not only a waste of time but it is also confusing! The only thing you do is to read the code,”this is the code for that, this is the code for this”…i can read that code myself, your explanation for everything that is creating that program is non existing. If you do 928134679126 videos atleast do them really detailed!

hector adan morales lugo says:

Hello!!, how can I print 2 messages?, for example, print one msg in one line and another msg in a second line. thanks!!

waseem ayub says:

i cant understand these registors

quarry 038 says:

No work.

Bk Akshay says:

I guess this is not fair at all !
You still go on reading . For god sake we don’t want a reader , we want to understand Mov ah , etc .You are going on feeding yourself with views and subscribers , while we here are pointless of watching your video . Do us a favour. Explain us in detail , about it’s usage in detail!

wilmer capihuara says:

Hey your videos are great! I was wondering how to I can program a code that stores numbers 0-9 in sequential memory and the program should be able to search for one of the stored numbers and display it on a DOT Matrix. By stopping the program and changing the target number, the program has to search for the new target, in memory, and display it. the program must stop when it finds and displays the target number. If a target number is chosen that is not in memory, the display must show the letter ‘N’, Thanks so much much man keep the great videos coming!!

Alena Litouka says:

This course is one of the best ones on assembly language for x86 processors I found so far. But you do need to have a book to understand it. Best of luck!

M@ESTRO says:

i knew from the beginning this was a waste of time, but now i’m sure of it.
you didn’t explain anything
the only thing clear to me is the mov instruction (which i already knew from the beginning…)

Asperanik says:

how do i make a window in assembler?

ayo ola says:

pls could you explain the first 6 lines of your code? are they some sort of library? if so ,is dis the format we use for any code we want to write? are they metadata? pls clarify …… thanks

Jordan Castelino says:

NASM and MASM, what’s the difference? Up until this point I’ve been learning NASM, but if MASM seems to be better for low-level development I’ll try to learn it.

divyanshoo sinha says:

U didn’t explain it well, u just simply read it out

Tom Tom says:

I would rather use notepad plus plus. And use a .bat file as my compiler.

Elia Karam says:

terrible !!!!!!!!

Saleem Ullah says:

plz share your notes in doc file..thanks

Bryan Alforte says:

how to move the output string in the middle ?

Somewhat Socialist Doneld Tremp says:

what you just did, is that you came in for a math class for firstgraders, pointed at an equal sign, said: “This, is an equal sign.” then left the classroom.
The next lesson, you came back, showed them an equation, and expected everyone to understand what the hell you where saying. I get SOME of this, because I already know a bit about how processors work, but I STILL Have no clue whatsoever of what you just did. You can’t make a tutorial like this and then call it “for beginnres”…

Anurag sharan says:

EMU8086 Regstration key: User: ISHAAN,glaitm Key:27R3VDEFYFX4N0VC3FRTQZX

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