Assembly Language Programming Tutorial – 18 – ASCII Table and Simple Math

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Rasim from give us another tutorial on Assembly Language Programming . In this tutorial Rasim talks about the ASCII Table and how to do simple math.

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Assembly Language for x86 Processors (6th Edition)




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Iqra Asif says:

Man so many people here posting negative comments, if you don’t like the video then don’t watch it. This guy is taking time out to make these videos and it requires a lot of effort. I find his videos helpful, i didn’t understand anything in assembly langauage before but now i’m beginning to understand. Thank you Rasim!

Ibrahim Ahmed says:

Rasim, Internet Explorer 8 and below is slow, so people make jokes of it. ( higher is pretty good, probably not better than chrome though ) BTW You can use the “ascii codes” menu on the emu8086 program. 🙂

rkb x1x says:

awesome man ,i didng understood a thing at 1st ,now i can

Arnold King says:

Awesome tut xD, 
I was hoping for a tut how I can get an Ascii Char from a decimal value by user input.  Could you help me? I’m lost and I’m trying it over a week already.

Ashish Mehrotra says:

can u post code fro converting ascii to hex?

Some idoit on the internet says:

One problem, Internet Explorer

Jeffree Nieto says:

That moment when you deleted the block of code hahaha I was laughing my ass out

Md. Abu Noman Jumaed says:

hi, Rasim.
I just tried this code, but don’t understand what’s wrong.

.model small
var db 2

main proc
mov dl, var
add dl, 48
mov ah, 2h
int 21h
end main

It shows ‘ ý ‘ , instead of showing ‘ 2 ‘

sablandavid says:

How could you use this with the Irvine32 examples? Are you able to?

Kiki Karypidou says:

Will there be a problem if I write mov al, 2h ?

benamor chedlia says:

i love your video they are very clear ans simple to understand thank you

Marittya Keu says:

Would it work the same if you just did

mov dl, 50 ?

fahmida tasnim says:

whats the problem if i write mov dl,50??? why we need to move 2 first and then add 48 ??

Louis Carver says:

Great video! I have been looking for Assembly Language Programming and a compiler for over a year.You lesson are very well constructed. Small segment that will not overwhelm the student. Outstanding, thank you. P.S. I could not find the link for the ascii table.   

furquan shah says:

thanx dude wonderful job and good way of explaination

Talha Ch says:

thanks man yuh are helping me to save my semester yuh deserve 1k likes <3

vijay kale says:

thanks Rasim .
ascii codes also available on top of 8086 emulator (task bar) .

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