Assembly Language Programming Tutorial – 19 – Defining Data and Variables

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Rasim from give us another tutorial on Assembly Language Programming . In this tutorial Rasim talks about defining data and he show us how to create a variable.

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Assembly Language for x86 Processors (6th Edition)




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plushoom says:

why cant you simply
mov DL,50

Handsome Khan says:

My Result is not showing Correctly .. its giving This ” ý ” , when i used db otherwise its shows 2 , when i dont used the Variable . why is that . please help Dude .

Thomas Smith says:

yeah i am getting the same issue with the variable not working

paul gheorghe says:

If I put 7 instead of 2, it won’t show 7, it shows 2. Why is that?

ahmed abdelmalek says:

So what is the difference between DB and BYTE ?

Володимир Гуцу says:

It works for me with a .model tiny only

Chialer Khor says:

why it printed 2 while it run?
mov dl, count1 ; is it move 2 to dl?
add dl, 48; add 48+2?
I am confused, or they are in ASCII code?

Alex Sophia says:

I’m having problems following the different strange letters. Some times i don’t know when you talking about a register or a variable or a thing like 2h… where does 2h come from? is it what goes under (.data) a way to declare variables?

Mohsin says:

nothing would change the value which is added into dl register then not correct output will come?

Omar's Channel says:

the 2 printed is in fact the ² not 2

hunar omer says:

How to make an executable for win7? .. so far i need DOSBOX to run them without the emulator

ahmed abdelmalek says:

It doesn’t work for me
it kept saying that var=00000h
so it changes nothing

chummy Igbo says:

Thanks a lot

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