Assembly Language Programming Tutorial – 29 – PUSH and POP Instructions

All references in this video came from:
Assembly Language for x86 Processors (6th Edition)

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Rasim from give us another tutorial on Assembly Language Programming . In this tutorial Rasim talks about the push and pop instruction.




Wiki Answsers: Explain 8086 flag register

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mücahid akyar says:

thank u so much for your all videos. All very useful

Will Yang says:

…. you’re fucked 

Nobility209 says:

Short, simple and understandable. Good job.

Mindaugas Kurlys says:

Thanks alot dude!!
Keep making assembly tutorials!

Zahra Norouzi says:

great tutorial
thanks alot :))
hope to see new turorials 
(Zahra From IRAN)

Dennis Vargas says:

is there a point to using push only without pop? says:

good explanation thank you

Thesilverpox says:


Halit Usta says:

Thank you, your tutuorials are very nice so far. I’ll countinue to watch them.

Abdulaziz Al Moyhan says:

May you give me some tutorial about instruction (AAM )and (AAD) in ASCII

phoenix arizona says:

how do you push a 0 (zero) on top of the stack? 0000 0000 is alreadt treated as empty and thus ignored

Angel says:

let’s hope your videos will come in handy for me at tomorrow’s exam..! anyways great videos! you earned yourself a new subscriber!

AndrewDTOX says:

awesome vid

Tori Lineberry says:

Thank you for making this easy to understand!

Alexandre Vitorino says:

Using pop it moved the value of eax to ecx? We have three empty :eax, ecx and?? Or the pop is used on ax value?

Nour says:

thank you again 🙂

아아니으 says:

Nice vid. liked and sub’d 🙂

Columbus Maximus says:

very clean explanation good job helped me a lot

Veeral Prajapati says:

simple but short, anyways, good one

Yishai Tamir says:

Great Videos man!!!

my question is :
how can i see the stack in the emu8086
and the values i insert into it?


we are pushing the value 0000 0001 in the AX register then how pop instruction applied to the CX register retrives values

Luke Blevins says:

THIS VIDEO IS GREAT!! Great job explaining this. It really helped me!

burçin akça says:

thanks for video

Abdur Rahman says:

lovely, you earned a subscribe. keep it up!

Minh Tri Tran says:

Can you show me what happen inside the stack, does the value got removed from the stack when we use POP or it is just copied out?

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