Assembly Language Programming Tutorial – 34 – AND Instruction

All references in this video came from:
Assembly Language for x86 Processors (6th Edition)

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The Rasmurtech Community:

The Rasmurtech Community:

Rasim from give us another tutorial on Assembly Language Programming . In this tutorial Rasim shows us how to use the AND Instruction.




Wiki Answsers: Explain 8086 flag register

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Stanley Hall says:

Glad to see someone still doing assembly programming. I used to do machine control programming for 6502, 8080, Z80 and other systems. Keep it coming! 🙂

LogiCoder DZ says:

very nice ! It’s a wonderful work, good luck ! 😉

Elvin Marin says:

I understand the tutorial, but can you give me an example where you can use AND instruction? Because I can’t think of any. HEHE Thanks. 😀

Vedant Rao says:

what about the value of ch ? its 6. is that relevant?

Junaid Fiaz says:

first of all i really enjoyed the tutorials…….and my question is that you used ‘ah’ and ‘bh’ register why you dont use ‘al’ or ‘bl’ registers

Rasim Muratovic says:

#programming   #coding   #coder  

ozzy channel says:

Alwys cool (y)

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