Assembly Language Programming Tutorial – 40 – Conditional Jumps: Jc, Jnc, Jz and Jnz

All references in this video came from:
Assembly Language for x86 Processors (6th Edition)

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Rasim from give us another tutorial on Assembly Language Programming . In this tutorial Rasim talks about Conditional Jumps and shows us how to use Jc, Jnc, Jz and Jnz.



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Wiki Answsers: Explain 8086 flag register

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Chaudhry Minhas Jat says:

I really appreciate your effort, bruh.
Gotta love the series.

danidel zhang says:

these videos are excellent, it’s really help me a lot 🙂

Keanu says:

Thank you so much dude! But, when should I use jnc/jz when they have the same function?

slumdog says:

Does the code in this tutorials work in Linux?

Rasim Muratovic says:

#programming   #programminglanguage   #coding  

Fusa KC says:

man you pulled me out of a tough situation you are the best have a good life !!!

Natasa Kovacevic says:

You teach very well! I watched all these assembly videos and thanks – It helped a lot 🙂

Davis Lowe says:

So would this be something that stands out when looking for if-then-else statements in the binary of the executable?

Safa Fituri says:

you answered exactly what’s on my mind, Bless you !

mohammed rashid says:

His vids

Mohammed Abdulqawi says:

Thank you so much, does this lesson help in create program to convert decimal to binary ?

ozzy channel says:


Sandile Msomi says:

Right i’m certain that i will pass this subject. Thanks a lot

Dantex Black says:

Just what I need :3

randel wagayan says:

thanks men it help a lot.. im glad i watch this tutorial it help me a lot

suad suraju says:

wow awesome videos, love ur series. thanx a lot..

dan moa says:

sir thanks for u sharing your skill this program… im came fro phillipines

Harry C says:

Thanks, and great lesson!

Amit Bisht says:

I can only say WoW in one go understand all 4 OPP code..

Rasim Muratovic says:

Yes it does, Conditional jumps are the Assembly Programming equivalent of a If-else statement. A program that converts decimal to binary will need jumps in it.

Nauman Ahmed says:

Nice bro. Keep it up.

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