Assembly Language Programming Tutorial – 48 – SAR Instruction

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Assembly Language for x86 Processors (6th Edition)

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Rasim from give us another tutorial on Assembly Language Programming . In this tutorial Rasim shows us how to use the SAR Instruction.



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Jimmy King says:

Don’t u know the difference between SAR & SHR ??!!

gidgnulur says:


Rasim Muratovic says:

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Abuzar Ghafari says:

mov al,0F0h ; AL = 11110000b (-16)
sar al,1 ; AL = 11111000b (-8), CF = 0
you did’t tell any thing about the sign in sar. it conservers it sign after sar instruction.

Aqdar Alessai says:

thank u for the video,
But actually SHR Instruction is not identical to SAR
SAR shifts each bit to the right and copies the sign bit, so if we have ax= 1110 0011 and count of 3 then ax = 1111 1100 means we’ll insert the sign 3 times which is 1 and remove the first 3 bits.

James Wood says:

0xFF(-1) => SHR by 1 => 0x7F(127) — sign changed
0xFF(-1) => SAR by 1 => 0xFF(-1) — sign not changed

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