Assembly Language Tutorial 3 : Assembly Language Functions

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In this tutorial we will finally create a Real Assembly Language Program! We will learn about Stacks, How to Use C Functions and How to Create Custom Functions in Assembly Language. After this tutorial you’ll know most of what you need to make many programs.

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GangsterLeone X says:

an cuda with c tutorial derek

R1S8K says:

Why the picture of raspberry pie logo? Is this connected to Linux or raspberry pie programming?

rospotreb pozor says:

I dont understand where it get from printf and scanf!

Fazal828 says:

You sir are a god sent. I’ve always loved computers and solving problems through code ( taught java in school and loved it) but I am just now starting to actually learn stuff. Your channel is absolutely amazing. and I applaud you for taking your time out to doing this, knowing this much information I’m pretty sure you are a busy man.
I do have a small favor to ask you, when I first started my journey to learn to code I had no idea what I should learn (tbh i’m still debating what my next language should be) and I wanted to ask you if you could create a really small video on what someone should learn and maybe in which order?
Thanks again…hopefully i’ll know as much as you do someday. ps what did you study? ( in college or wherever you got all this info)

Sonnic Sky says:

Hello there, Derek, first of all, receive a gigantic “thank you”, because thanks to good people like you, we as self-taught individuals have managed to know a lot from the good content you deliver to us, I really appreciate what you do, and as I said, it is not smart the one who knows a lot of stuff but the one who know how to transmit his knowledge, and you, my friend are pretty good at this. again, Thank you.

I’m more of a web developer, and I’ve learned a lot of you, I watched your videos on how to create a wordpress theme. I’m interesting in CMS, but I was wondering if one person can create his own content management system, I know Worpress it’s pretty good and it makes easy a lot of things, security for example.
but, what about creating my own CMS, what would be the structure of a CMS?
I’ve been looking for this kind of topic lately because I’m trying backend development now. Thank you in advance.

Theo Müller says:

Hey, could you please make a full tutorial on makefiles?

I love your videos!

Masoud Rousta says:

another great tutorial , well done

John Smith says:

Both you and your channel are fantastic!

Keep up the great work.

MonadicBind says:

Elixir PLEASE! … and then Elixir Phoenix …. THANKS!

Aashish Karki says:

will the series continue ??

Bora Kaplan says:

How about git tutorial?

Maruth Goyal says:

Derek, AWK please?

Aayush Dani says:

How was your day today?

kerpal3 says:

You should do a tutorial on digital logic if you can but please don’t use Logisim if you do.

americanswan says:

I’ve heard learning Assembler basically amounts to experimenting with each command a few times to understand what it does. I’d love to go through the whole ARMv8 instruction set on my own but the problem has always been compiler directives, Op codes for the OS, and syntax structure to get up and running. I couldn’t get hello world to compile for the longest time.

Once I understand the basic syntax I’m going to head off on my own reviewing each ARMv8 instruction one by one.

Robert Rush says:

I got goose bumps over this video; been peeking at RISC (specifically ARM) coming from CISC with FAsm and this tut is fantastic –c functions!!

Brad S says:

Not only are you a genius, but your ending in this video was amazing. objdump sure is one neat little trick! 😉

Armandas says:

superb tutorial

rizigs says:

Awesome stuff

RishmaceInDaFace says:

Hey Derek great tutorials, im just wondering if this is the same as ARM-v7 architecture?

maxirater says:

Id like to suggest a video on Squeak Smalltalk. I think Smalltalk is really fun and simple to learn. And the Squeak environment is really packed with every possible feature you could imagine a graphical environment could have, I think its the perfect learning environment. It was orginally designed for educating kids, its a shame its fallen to obscurity.

^Crazy*Freestyle*Tricks^ says:

derek cuda programming tutorial plz

MikeOnTheBox says:

Aren’t you getting values from the stack in the Last In First Out format? So when you loading them into R4 and R5 you actually getting 2 and then 1. Right?

Kiazio says:

You should do a tutorial on Visual Basic.

Daniel Bergqvist says:

Hello Derek ! Are you planning to cover how to use the GPIO from assembly (please….) ?

Oliver Benson says:

Hi Derek. Thanks for these videos. I was wondering if you could do some languages from the “Seven Languages in Seven Weeks” series. If you could do Clojure, Io, Julia, Elixir, and miniKanren for example, that’d be really cool! 🙂 Thanks for all your videos, Ollie

The Wanted Boys says:

after electronics and assembly i think is time to show as how cuda in c works

genuine techie says:

you’re great 🙂

Parki says:

I want to try to learn a programming language by examples only and with no explanations,
so I need someone to write the examples for me.
Requires zero efforts from you, because only thing you need to do
is write simple snippets of code and no initiative at all.
That would be really cool if we could learn something like that.

I know it sounds like ‘it will be fucking hard or harder than with explanations’,
but no. I think that it’s much easier way because you understand things directly.
For example you learned your native language with no explanation at all.
What if we still remain the ability?

P.S. It’s to Derek, but anyone welcome.

Tyler Hackett says:

I liked the part where you said “situation”

barnebyboy says:

Derek.How is it going…still @ it…C# advanced class…don’t forget me….keep up the good work..

Tasos Paunov says:

derek show us cuda with c plz

Juan2003gtr says:

Hi Derek…Please, do a quick video of Angular 2js……that would be awesome…we can no longer deny its existence

Zibu says:

Hello, i was trying to find if you have a list of tutorials to do but couldn’t find it in your website. Just wanted to know if you are interested in VHDL, since it is a hardware language and you don’t have anything like that.
Sorry for my english, i hope you understand what i meant.


Antonio Trpeski says:

i saw that you want to do game making tutorials you are free to go evryone like’s that thanks for all of your videos

Arunav Banik says:

hello sir . keep it up.

^Crazy*Freestyle*Tricks^ says:

i like assembly but not for r.pie in nasm will be beter but this nice for begining but how to control gpu ram rom screen with assembly this stuff are hot

Daan Witte says:

Thanks for this video!!
When are the 32bit tutorials?

doni mart says:

Hi. Could i program this rpi in windows since this board are linux based syst. Thank you

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