Assembly Tutorial 2 – Hello, World!

Assembly Tutorial 3:

How to make a basic “hello, world” file.


Kirdow Plays says:

I watched another guy making tutorials on Assembly, I watched 50 episodes and after that I had no clue what it meant all the things he told, even that he described it clearly. you on the other hand, I watched 2 episodes, you’re not a professional, but you are good enough to make me fully understand, thank you.
PS: you also got a new subscriber 🙂

kupala says:

thanks? :l

anirocks11 says:


kupala says:


ender_scythe says:

4:15 Otherwise known as the heartbleed bug, only assembly.

kupala says:

You need debug.

Adam Lewenhaupt says:


Jkp says:

debug does not work on m laptop. but in my school’s computer lab it does. what should i do to fix it? i searched on google but no luck

jorijndg says:

And now I can’t run it cause my computer is 64-bit Windows 7! And I can’t get my Windows XP virtual machine (VirtualBox) to run! Arg, nothing works…

Totz Freelance says:

If I use ‘type’ command on the com file that we just assembled it read very cryptic like below, what is that? What dont it display mov ah, 09 and other mov command?

Ù‼Hello, World!$Hello┤  ║☻☺═!═

I’m sorry I have kind a noob here

Wada Don says:

It is RCX not REX

Riley McDermott says:

Is mov dx a function like you implied it is?

kupala says:

I’ve honestly never actually included libraries for 16bit Assembly. So I can’t tell you much about the win32 library you’re using. :I

Redxone Gaming says:

c++ is SOOOO much better with wayy less lines can make a way more powerful program

hamster head says:


Leverquin says:

jp keyboard :O

SDTricker says:

OMGAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWDD!!!! I have been looking for good tutorials like these forever!!!

3dUber says:

im using fasm and i got a error: illegal instruction. ah Help..

ritwik sinha says:

+ Mr jetknight9 code please

yogesh gupta says:

Nice Explanation Brother….Thanks a lot 😀

kupala says:

I drew pictures and everything. :<

Калоян Методиев says:

how do you do the things with DOSBox I don’t even get where you write the code

Int jetknight says:

when i write the file it comes up with file creation error

Irjan Olsen says:

you can use ms-dos 6.22

The Malicious Ternary Machine says:

did you assign 90 to it?

Leamsi Ordnavi says:

debug only works for x86

jacobabob98 says:

Great tutorial man!

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