C64 Tutorial Series – Text Scrolling & Macros | Zef Episode 1

In this tutorial series I attempt to cover a few topics related to creating a sort of text scrolling adventure, like in the Ultima series of video games. In episode one, I demonstrate a small program which can scroll text in all directions and I demonstrate how to create a basic macro using CBM prg Studio.

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JS N says:

very interesting, thanks!

OldSkoolCoder says:

Wow, another great video dude, I think I may have an idea for your mapdata mapping indexing system, how we can automate it so you dont have to work it out all the time, ill try it out first @ home, then let you know. 😀

xevil21 says:

Good job! 🙂

William Mckeever says:

Hi GRay. Just finished watching this series a couple of days ago and wanted to let you know that is is probably the best C64 assembly tutorial I have come across yet! Considering the amount of material you needed to cover you did a fantastic job of covering the essential key points and did so in a clear and concise manner. Very enjoyable to watch. Also appreciate the source code you have graciously provided, looking forward to looking it over. I programmed in asm on the 64 back in the day and have recently decided to get back into it. I had a similar situation back then, had a great idea for a game but never managed to even get close to finishing it. Wish I had the internet back then, may have gotten further than I did back then. (The books I had only gave me a limited amount of info). Halfway through the Pac Clone series now, also seems to be very well done! You have given me a lot of ideas of how to approach my project, hopefully I will manage to finish it this time around…

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