MIPS Tutorial 3 Hello Assembly!

Learn to display text to the screen in Assembly language. Make your first program in MIPS Assembly language easily!


Suriya S says:

I am sure you are a JAVA Programmer 😛

Łukasz says:

Great tutorial, It’s awesome how enthusiatic you are

luizvictorful says:

Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Babapanipuri says:

I have to write an assembly program to implement bubble sort and print out the 16 integers in ascending order, can anyone help on how to do this?? Also have to use MIPS ISA simulator… Please help

Rafhael Martins Sales Ribeiro says:

I got the error: “.asciiz ” directive cannot appear in text segment. And my code is exactly like yours, can you help me?

Lori Kougioumtzian says:

Thank you so much,these are very helpful!

AM Kel says:

‘dropped off bottom’ Do you know what’s that mean? Thx

Gustavo Castellanos Alfonzo says:

Thx a lot for these tutorials. Very useful since I could not go to my Computer Organization class

Alex Mancheno says:

Thank you for these videos!

Islam Elshobokshy says:

Why $v0, 4? Why not $v1, 0? What’s the difference? Why not $e94, 632? You didnt explain that.. Thanks for the video, but try to cover all subjects about all the things you’re talking about. I hope to learn more about that from the next videos! (I’m sure I will)

Nicola Della Morte says:

nice tutorial, so clear

Ravali Peddi says:

interesting ..! Can you help me write a multiplication of 2 matrices program? Thank You

O Tineo says:

excellent explanation!!!

xPinoyTribal says:

worse tutorial ever. “cus thats the way it works” “just click this just click that” “idk what its doing but it works like that” lol jk. thanks

Iktofed says:

Really fantastic content. Thanks for doing a great job

Adrian Orenes says:

Good job!

Your video tutorials are very interesting.

pardeep kumar says:

Sir can you please make a quadratic equation program in mips? really want to learn it?

Allan says:

are there ARM and x86 programming software?

MD Productions says:


Lovej Ava says:

thank you very much!

joshua gollaher says:

Terrible tutorial.

Ji Hye Lee says:

Thank you for your explanation! It’s easy to follow

digitalXmage says:

it is not working, im using mars on mac, and i have typed exactly the same code as you, and it gives me errors.

i got used to that says:

can someone tell me like what the line li $v0 4 means??? i got it like you have to pass 4 to print string and 1 to print integer but why did you used $v0 whats its purpose and li what does that do??? and .asciiz what does it do??? and he used $a0 to load address like can it be done using $t0 or $s0???

Starlight Witch says:

You explain in five minutes what my professor couldn’t explain in fifty. I’ve been struggling so much to find a good MIPS tutorial that actually explains the freaking format the code should be in, and you’ve provided it. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this comment, but THANK YOU. Thank you so, so much! Words cannot hope to describe the extent of my gratitude. I could legitimately kiss you right now. I’ll be recommending your videos to all of my classmates currently struggling for the same reasons. Here’s wishing you the best, you wonderful, wonderful man!

Zakaria Belmahdi says:

-_- nah

thevenkateshrao says:

Great job Amell!

Jozie88 says:

Hello! 🙂 You said “every MIPS program has two sections .data and .text”, but I have seen MIPS programs without .data section. Are those bad programming or will there be troubles with them or is it just possible to have different amount of sections, other than two?

mariav1234 says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What else can I say?

Quasar Distant says:

+ZEWEI ZHANG Thanks for watching my tutorials. I hope they are useful!

Arevy Von Dutch says:

in QtSpim i got syntax error on line 2 at the same code…

Gemma Marcinkoski says:

Once i heard someone say hispanic ray romano i couldn’t un hear it and i love it even more! your energy is contagious! thank you for the amazing tutorials!!

Multidimensional Koala says:

It won’t let me run, assemble it?

Omar Ayman says:

li $v0, 4
why “4” what’s that mean ?

xNamsu says:

so can anyone explain what “li $v0, 4” does? Thats the only part im having a bit of trouble with. Where does the 4 come from?

shaurye vardhan says:

you are better than my instructor

Joey Zhang says:

Yo dude! I am so exciting when watching your videos, because they are what i am going to learn next semester. So right now you gave me a perfect preview. It’s not that easy to find a good mips tutorial online since it’s not popular as java or C. I am surprised that not as much people as I thought watched this series of tutorial, but anyway I have to say, nice job man! keep it up. People like me need you guys!

Shivani Gangania says:

I need help regarding Matrix Multiplication using MIPS Assembly. two square matrix of size 12×12

Rohit Verma says:

Thank you bud!

kevin says:

forgot main dude

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