Tutorial – NASM Part 1

The first tutorial for the Netwide Assembly Programming Language, Full typed up version available on http://www.codebundle.zxq.net/tutorials/


Grace736 says:

i have a mac and when i try to assemble the code (via nasm -fmacho32 somefile.s -o nasm.o) and it says: error: The Mach-O output format does not support any special symbol types. i have no idea why. please help…

r k says:

getting error message ‘ld is not internal recognized as an internal or external command’

Scrappy Coco says:

great tutorial but ur website is down bro

Heiner Carranza says:

thanks a lot!

Cal Naughton Jr says:

Thanks for this!

Aishwarya Pardeshi says:

can it work for uduntu 16.04 also

Daniel Pendergast says:

For this to work for 64 bit just make sure to use ‘elf64’ instead of ‘elf’ in the nasm command.

Denivic123 says:

Nasm is not a programming language, it’s an assembler used to write assembly code.

Barnum Castillo says:

Thanks for the tutorial. Was very usefull because the ensambler is not documented only in books

ranjith nair says:

becuz i tried it gives me the error page not found

jmm1233 says:

i thought it was .code for the main proc , i am confused , can you still use .text ?

ranjith nair says:

hey left the link in the description is it working….?

LeftWing says:

Noisy Female people are noisy. I have been sure to silence them for future episodes. This series will be rebooted when the webstie is redesigned, along with all our videos

Daniel Grosso says:

Learnt more from this video than I did in my 2 hour lecture

Michal Nemecek says:

2nd hardest? harder than the brainf*ck programming language?

Zach Rogers says:

I’m taking a computer architecture and assembly language course, and this was super helpful. Thank you!

Mike J says:

Why dont you just use BBC Basic? It has assembler built in.

Shantanu Pawar says:

this was helpfull
dint know what 1 or 4 or 10 meant..thank u for the tutorial

zik says:

nasm is NOT a programming language 0:06

Mohamed Boudra says:


Georgian C says:

yeah but if you are that advanced, you should already know that the easiest way to skipping through words with your arrow is not by going with arrow keys after each letter, but by pressing control and arrow left or right will skip the entire word through the line easily. i bet 95% of the people reading this did not know that yet.


Which version of Ubuntu are you using?

Jerin K. John says:

black interface make it hard to read,

Venkatesh S. says:

The link in the description isn’t working.
Amazing tutorial, nevertheless.
wish you hadn’t stopped at part 3

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