x86_64 Linux Assembly #1 – “Hello, World!”

An introduction on how to write, compile, and execute code using NASM

Code used:


Brian Millar says:

Nice video man, looking forward to the rest of the series!

MauricioMartinez0707 says:

So why would this only work on a linux machine?

Ignacio Guerendiain says:

The uname does not tells you about the architecture of your CPU, it only shows you what kernel are you running. You may be running a 32bit kernel on a 64bit CPU. What I use to check that it’s “cat /proc/cpuinfo” and “lshw”.

H337 says:

thanks, +

Douglas Booyens says:

Awesome Tutorials! Much appreciated!

Prasad Kirkire says:

yes, nice video

Ron Strelecki says:

I am pretty sure “apt-get” has been deprecated and all that is needed is “sudo apt install [package]” now.

plushoom says:


Prasad Kirkire says:

yes, nice video

Georgian C says:

lol the hp laptop advert doesnt move me at all. there are better laptops

WidzeSame WorkiNaSperme says:

Plz teach me !! ;-)))

Eighteenxray says:

Hi! Recently found your channel and in all honesty out of all the youtube videos I’ve searched for you explain things the best! I was wondering what assembler do you suggest if I want to program on win7 for 64bit ASM?

If you say “Linux and NASM is the only acceptable way for 64bit programming” would this route still be ideal if I want to make programs for window os?

Tatrasiel R says:

I have made some assembly tutorials for windows , if anyone is interested.

Leandro Mayor says:

Nice, my first code in asm.

I wanna understand this so far. This is new for me, lol.

aadz93 says:

0:15 Well if a laptop/desktop is natively running windows, you could just dualboot install linux lol…

Migalocco Locco says:

How do you save the file at 2:10 ?

Dev 799 says:

Wonderful mate !

Tatrasiel R says:

I think it would be cool to learn bios development!

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