#078 How to connect your washer to the Internet // Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how easy it is to get your clothes washer to send you alerts to your mobile phone via the Internet.
All done in a day, and without pulling apart your machine.

See below for links to products… and website data being updated at the moment!

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Product Links:
# Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266

# Adafruit TSL2561 Lux sensor

# DFRobot MPU6050


lotsarats says:

lol, the baby is asleep and i wasn’t prepared for your intro

Akarsh Agarwal says:

nice idea I’ll make this. I will open up my machine to add more functionality.

ishiX says:

my washing machine has nfc

David's Tech says:

Great idea! I would love to try it but my washing machine doesn’t even have an LCD display. 🙁

Richard T says:

I’ve never heard of instapush before… I love the idea! Have you covered it before? I will have to make a similar one for my washing machine. I feel I do more loads of laundry than the local laundromat!

EaqIe says:

please stop with the unfunny humour

Alex Boehm says:

Very cool! I was just looking for a push system to use with an 8266. I live away from my pet rabbit. I want to set a proximity senor near his food bowl that will trigger a servo to dispense him a treat, take a photo and push it to me. The camera parts still a bit over my head but I’ll upload some photos if I get it to work.

Paul Sampson says:

Need to know the Hopi term for washing machine and alter “Koyaanisqatsi” accordingly.

None none existant says:

where did you get the enclosure

Paul Hein says:

A recommendation for working with Arduinos is the Platformio IDE. Cross platform based on the atom editor and is perfect for Arduinos. better detection, completion, compiling. and looks nicer.

BillCosbyEatsBabies says:

Pretty cool man! Now make a box that tells me if my spouse is in the mood or not so I know whether its worth coming home after work or if I should just go straight to the bar.

Chris B says:

Great idea.

Rud Dog says:

Where did you buy that prototyping bread board?

TheDutyPaid says:

In the UK top loading washing machines are very not common and have never seen an out of balance warning.
I have the Miele WTH120WPH washer/dryer at the moment.

aspuzling says:

Nice. Could you explain how you used the accelerometer to detect when it’s out of balance? What sample frequency are you using? How do you distinguish between out of balance and a fast spin?

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