1. How to program in C# – BASICS – Beginner Tutorial

Want to make powerful games, Windows and Mac software or mobile applications? Then this course is a great place to start.

Difficulty of lesson: Novice.

Learn how to read, write and understand C# code completely from scratch as we lay a great foundation for creating various types of software.

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Khalil Pierre says:

can you do C# in dreamweaver or notepad++

Adnane Arrassen says:

c sharp free book
password adonane123

Fall Out 2017 says:

I found HTML and CSS easy but I realized I wanted to learn how to make games so I’m learning C# cuz that’s how you do all your game tutorials.

Nizarfakhrei Fakh says:

Can you please help me i cant even download the app

TheGameZone says:

you are so good youtuber nice man <3

DevUltraa says:

The tutor has an EPIC name. I imagine he types with a hammer of the gods

Jonas Domishnikov says:

That deep voice in the intro XD

Wubs 23 says:

Im here because im struggling so much in class and im actually scared that i cant read/understand alot of the codes getting typed in the program on our lessons.

Penguin Army says:

Im 2 and a half years late, but does anyone else agree that he sounds like he’s run out of batteries? 🙂

miguel montegrejo says:

andami sinasabi buset!

CeeWilky says:

I can’t even type a word in C# without my head exploding. Thank god this course exists.

Marty Gra says:

Your tutorials are a blessing, thanks for the hard work.

ahmad maiwada says:

Please can someone tell m some apps created with c# so that i’ll have a clue with what am dealing with

Johnmiel Emoricha says:

hi..I have a question..Can i use “Sublime text” for c#?

sai kishan says:

once I login into the website form with user and password. I want to display welcome “username” in the new page. I cannot able to get the username from the C# identity feature.

Chopstyx says:

Mark Kern brought me here #2017

ProGrammers says:

Per tutti le persone italiane , se vi serve una guida sulla programmazione c# base , passate sul mio canale , mi scuso per il commento!!!

Programming kitten says:

Can you create cheats in games with this ?

Silve Ray says:

Fuck, why I live in russia, why are the best video lessons in English, and I do not understand ((((((((((((((

orewakokun says:

Hi There! When I try to install the IDE it won’t recognize that I have the gtk version I need, althoug I installed it. Does anyone have any insight of might be the cause of this? Help would be much appreciated 😀

Incendiary Falcon says:

I was wondering if this course provides all of the information needed to design a simple game for someone to do by themselves.

2,094,461 views says:

Want somebody to do bug analyzation and or fix your sourecode/application?
Check out https://www.fiverr.com/ritroproj/do-in-depth-bug-analyzing-and-fixes-of-your-application

Sajan Pirabakaran says:

” xamarin studio” what a nerd

Aarya Gosar says:

school dose not teach very well. i need ur help for my future

Nazz Burpee says:

Mac OS help plz!!! downloaded Carmen studio, tried creating new solution , won’t lat me hit next button, so tried to open miscellaneous solution but now it won’t let me write any code!! plz plz plz reply someone

Ekstremedogskillz says:

im using the newest version and ther is no console project option what should i choose

Ramonito Copreros Jr. says:

I am trying to use visual studio for C# is there any difference with the one you are using?

Ibrahim Man says:

Can you use the MonoDevelop that comes with Unity?

Luka Josephi says:

So I downloaded everything and the XamarinStudio wont start because it needs visual studio 2015, but its now 2017 and the 2015 download doesnt exist anymore, so I have visual studio, I have Net. and I have gtk-sharp, but the xamarinstudio wont start because I have a newer version of visual studio…. What do I do now? (I really want to do it your way, becuase your tutorials are amazing!)

Nino Hursa says:

I am so excited to learn how to program in C#… I hope I will be a PRO soon…

Swapix 0 says:

Are you doing this on a laptop or Desktop?

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