1 Introduction to C Programming on Turbo C

Although ancient, C is the Mother of programming languages. It is not common for software developers to have a background in C now-a-days, however, the languages that dominate the landscape today have their roots in the C Language (Java, C#, Objective-C, C++, Perl, the list goes on). By starting your programming knowledge with the C Language you instantly place yourself in the best position possible to more effectively translate your skills into other languages.

First, C was a language for professional programming and systems development rather than a school language. Turbo C competed with other professional programming tools (Microsoft C, Lattice C, Watcom C, etc.). Turbo C did, however, have advantages in speed of compiled code, large project support and price. It is developed in C.

1987: Turbo C 1.0
1987: Turbo C 1.1
1988: Turbo C 1.5
1989: Turbo C 2.0 (now with integrated debugger, also for the Atari ST)
1990: Turbo C++ 1.0
1991: Turbo C++ 1.01
1991: Turbo C++ 2.0
1992: Turbo C++ 3.0

Note on later releases: The name “Turbo C” was not used after version 2.0, because with the release of Turbo C++ 1.0 with 1990, the two products were folded into a single product. That first C++ compiler was developed under contract by a company in San Diego and was one of the first true compilers for C++ (until then, most C++ work was done with pre-compilers that generated C code). The next version was named Borland C++ to emphasize its flagship status and completely rewritten in-house, with Peter Kukol as the lead engineer. The Turbo C++ name was briefly dropped, eventually reappearing as Turbo C++ 3.0. There was never a 2.0 of the Turbo C++ product series.


Sai Kumar says:

nice one..

Mad Life says:

can u help me.. after some time using Turbo C.. my cursor on Turbo C doesnt do anything… i mean i can control it but cant edit anything … i cant click nothing…

Mohamed Ameen says:

Please send the original link for downloading and installing this IDE you used in this video. I don’t want other IDE’s because I already know other IDE’s. I need Borland’s Turbo C++ IDE

Ramana Rega says:

thank you for this wonderful tutorials
which made me to recall all my stuff
good work and hope for many more
tutorials from you

Sharad Kumar says:

c compire mein keyboard nahi chal raha ha.

Shadow Gunzs says:

Man. I’m seriously learning alot from this. Great job man. You earned a new subscriber for that one.

kaiden alenko says:

why does he say OK so much?

Sharad Kumar says:

sir, keyboard is working in cmd and win

jasmeet kaur says:

Hi even after writing getch i am not able to go to cmd prompt.. plz help

Saisanthi Saripalli says:

very nice tut sir

chowan anilkumar says:

NC sir

Sharad Kumar says:

than u siir, the keyboard has not working in turbo c/c++

venkata krishna says:

excellent tutorial,good to see turbo c again which is still a great tool to develop dos based applications 

murthy s says:

Awesome tutorial very useful for beginners. 

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