4 Tips for Computer Programming Beginners – Software Developer Guide

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Let’s talk about the top 4 best tips you must learn to excel in the software developer world! Use these as a guide to learn any computer programming language like c++, javascript, python, and much more! Start your coding career right using these tips.

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Siradj Zineb says:

thank you very helpful video 🙂

Matthew Pearson says:

notify count lol i love you bro

Future Programmer says:

Hello I want to know Is math Important for programming?

Cesar Paredes says:

You only teach python? What about c++?

Garret Smith says:

You’re so inspiring man. I’m going to give programming a try because of you!

Tenyson Partridge says:

Great video. You’re awesome my man!

Siana Campbell says:

I want to quote so much of this! Thanks.

Hari 143 says:


Christopher Munoz says:

if I wanted to do computer science and I passed a lot of my classes through ged test but I finished with highschool and have a diploma do you think I will be able to keep up with class in college I don’t know very much math is there alot of math in programming too?

Abhijeet Singh says:

how many language do you know sir

mskl177 says:

First, nice background music. Thanks for the perspective about the realities of learning how to code.

Isti Nem says:

great advices to think about

Dr Phyl says:

copy paste your code into a different font or size and you’re better able to see the syntax mistakes.

Diogo Barry says:

I subscribed to your channel because I decided to study the programming.

тяп-ляп татар says:

You give me a lot motivation my brother,thank you. Salam from Kyrgyzstan)))

Heather Neff says:

I don’t know the programming language. This somewhat helps, but I don’t know basics, so it’s hard to follow these tutorials. Testers can’t communicate how to fix something if you don’t know the language. How do I learn the language? I do not need to know how to program.

Evan Douglas says:

if this comment gets enough likes..should dye your hair that’s not undercut purple

Eliot Sanford says:

I know this is an older video, but lots of great points.

If I enjoy it, then I’ll spend time and not bat an eye. I’m learning that I’ve got to be more involved in this aspect… letting the learning be fun and engaging more instead of passive. Time spent doing something that I enjoy and challenges me to learn is not time wasted, if I’m gaining confidence and skills along the way.

It reminds me that I’ve also lost the idea of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Yes, I need the money, but I can’t make it all about the money. I need to refocus on why I do this. I do the learning and creating and developing and hours and hours of time poured into working at this craft because I love to solve the puzzle or problem like it’s a sudoku puzzle or game. I will get lost in the work because I want to tweak it until it’s doing exactly what I want to achieve down to the smallest detail because that means time saved later and value added for me and my users.

Also, I must work through the small disappointments and setbacks along the way and forgive myself when I haven’t excelled at my learning. At times, I fixate on what’s holding me back and not so much on just doing something to push forward.

I coach a boy’s soccer team, and some of the kids get so down on themselves, if they don’t do this or that. They don’t see the big picture that learning to play is hard and takes repetition. As their coach, my bar is pretty low for them at this stage. I’m just proud of them when they make one good move or one good decision or hustle their butt off. Perfection isn’t what makes me happy. Progress and effort please me as the coach.

I don’t like the whiny kid that desperately wants out of the game or loses focus and requires constant instruction or never listens himself, then gets mad at his own teammates when something goes wrong. The kid that takes the ball and literally runs with it gets my biggest kudos. The kid that tries and listens to me from the sideline and does what I say is the kid that I appreciate the most.

This video went along in getting my attention. Thanks!

Anonymous Synonyms says:

Brother please suggest programming apps for Mac OS

Usman Rafi says:

Subscribed <3

Ashley Campbell says:

I agree I hate my programming class. I just wish they would tell us to make stuff up and do our owe work and have a subject topic list of vocab and then a test, maybe like 2-3 projects I don’t know how people learn this course and do well.you have any tips on what to do if you signed up for a class already. I can tell I hate learning the way they are teaching me. I know I can learn this but not the way they are cramming it down my throat. 50+ pages to read and three forums in 5 days 🙁 feels like a lost cause not to mention 4 videos to listen to.

J says:


I’m just trying to help.

John Wallace says:

I like this guy, straight to the point, no BS. How much is your course? @cleverprogrammer

Daniel Kim says:

This video should be titled “4 tips for LIFE”

Abhishek kumar says:

It is motivational and helpful at the same time.

Greg Hosking says:

Thank you! So helpful! I just recently picked up computer programming. I finished the intro to JS on Khan Academy a few months ago and I’ve recently signed up for some more courses on web development, Python, and JS. Because of this video, I feel more compelled to follow those courses and actually learn from them. I liked this video and I am now an inspired subscriber. Keep up the good work! I know you will. 🙂

Alsin Browny says:

I can now say i love Coding.

asmi77 77 says:

This is what I needed to hear. Many thanks.

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