Atmel Programming Tutorial 1 – 1st Programming and Blink a LED

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Anshu Jha says:

i want to know that from where can i get that breadboard

Mahir Kaljanac says:

Awessome tutorials Chris. I also recommend to use original Atmel programmers rather than clones, I wasted many hours with drivers, etc..

Power Source says:

I need to program ATMEGA328 USB programmer thats just plug and play? just plug the chip in the socket and the usb and drop a .iso file in without all the jumpers?

R1S8K says:

Does PIC has more SFRs functions and features than Atmel while Atmel has more flash and RAM?

slap_my_hand says:

You forgot the capacitors for the voltage regulator.

Ronnie Ku says:

I have a ATMEGA88V on the PCB from Hotel lockset. Am I still able to see their programming? Hope you could assist.

Eddie Amaya says:

are they still pushing the avr dragon or is that old news, and these new ice programmers are replacing it?

NicozStrat says:

what are the difference between avr dragon and atmel ice?

William Herron says:

DO NOT CALL IT A ‘led’. It is an L E D.

Hamza Hamza says:

i cant understand any thing of what you say, you are speaking too fast.

cribcat 1 says:

I used a parallel port three resistors and wires for my programmer. Saved $91 but no debug.Can also use serial port RS232. Works fine if you’re poor. I use assembler though… you can see exactly what’s happening. Google “parallel programmer Arduino” If you have the money, get the best programmer you can(within reason). Odds are it will save you a lot of headache but it’s possible to program on a tightwad budget. Also can program pic chips and EEproms cheaply .

Haroun Algahmi says:

What is the difference between Atmel Ice Basic and Atmel ICE?

Invention Therapy says:

What is the best Arduino to start learning on?

David Liddelow says:

Yeah so turns out Atmel ICE basics are $172 Australian, which is a bit steep

fijabo says:

Very good video! But, could I give you an advice?
Please, speak at a normal speed. It seems that you are rushing in a 3X voice speed. When tutoring or making speeches, it is very important to do it at normal speed, or even better, slow motion. You should not worry about making it fast. JUST, TAKE YOUR TIME.

Matthias Köhler says:

Best video on youtube so far. +1.

Mo Izak says:

Wonderfull , but I reduced the speed to .50 as I am old , model 1954 and can not comprehend fast presentations , but at .50 you sound really really high HIGH , thanks for uploading the AVR programming I am grateful. One question , Is it possible to use UsbAsp instead .

Rafael Becker says:

Best video series on the subject!

Prajwal Rao says:

Best one so far..!!!

Adam Pierce says:

The pace is perfect for me when it gets too fast I just pause the vid. Thank you.

James Johnson says:

Hi, Is there any way to convert program written for Atmel to Arduino ??

CHEP Filament Friday says:

Don’t you need a crystal?

jimbobillybob1959 says:

Great!!! I appreciate the work and a great tutorial!!!!

Dian Song says:

Very informative and organized tutorial. Thanks a lot!

Arduino & Atmega8 says:


onurolce says:

Finally you started to Atmel ?:) That’s nice. I wish to you focus on serial communication in deep and make videos about it at soon.

Daniel Yap says:

Thank you Chris for the video. Wish to know, what’s the function of the capacitor please?

Mikael Björnson says:

Are you on amphetamines?

Mark Watson says:

Whydoyoitalksofastnotimeforbreaksmustspeakasfastaspossible. Oki’mbackjustneededaglassofwaterbecauseIamtalkingsofastmylipsareonfire.

Movie Movie says:

Electronics Product based on embedded system.

AVR atmega .

plz follow the link

Александр Мирошник says:

Спасибо за видео

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