Basics of computer’s memory and Getting started: C Programming Tutorial 02

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In this tutorial, we have explained the basics of computer’s memory architecture and what all it takes to learn programming.

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Irina B says:

so well explained for not-so-much-technical persons! thank you!

Vinod Padalkar says:

excellent video , keep doing great job……thanks a lot boss

Ok kami says:

Very clear & concise explanations. Thanks so much!

Swifter Forever says:

Superbly explained thank u so so much!

Cool Boy says:

Great going sir…

Abhinav Kumar says:


Ceyun Ceyun says:

Do you have any e learning set? There are lots of efficent tutorial for computer that I couldnt find anywhere. If you had a training set, I would get it.

Mahesh Joshi says:

yours obediently, good work sir

Xenin Radio says:

wow…nice teaching

AYBIN. V. K says:


HW TUBE says:

Thank you for explaining all of this I am a first year engineering student and I’m taking c++ programming language you briefly explained all the main and basic info of what programming language is and how it works this is really explained well thanks!!!! 



Niyaz Sheikh says:

A very comprehensive way to know the basic of programming explained by code school. Great job. It is very useful for anyone who want to learn the programming. Keep going. Wait for all types of programming languages videos. Thanks sir

Musicmania Mania says:

i love you bro i love you more than anything i was scared of programming from years i scored shiity marks in engineering but after watching your video i am going to make programming my life your teaching is so easy even for dumb people like me i am learning and understanding everything now .

Conner Firenze says:

WOW so far the best programming tutorial i found! Can’t wait to watch more

RJ Raj says:

Splendid video… kindly upload more

Rajiv Kurryah says:

Am trying to learn programming and watch several video series, but your tutorials are the best to follow and understand.


simply osm!! thnk u so much

Prabhat Singh says:

very very nice video i love it.
plz make videos on php also.

Charles Fries says:

Fantastic vid!

Rajesh Shukla says:

excellent video…………….

Nur Izzati says:

thank you for this. such an amazing video.

Carlos Melo says:

Congratulations! Very well explained.

Stephanie O'Donoghue says:

You have excellent teaching skills!

vaishnav agrawal says:

very nice video for begginerrs deep teaching given here

genie gene says:

This content is coming from a book called “Let us C” written by Yashavant Kanetkar

Ganesh Kumar Chintanippula says:

Chala Bagundi…
Thank You Brother.

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