Bitwise Operators in C | Introduction to Bitwise Operators – C language Tutorial

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Agenda of this Video:
Bitwise Operators
What is bitwise operator?
use of bitwise operator?
how to implement bitwise operator?

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After Noon says:

Thank you! Very helpful video!

Sergey Khodyachikh says:

thank you, that was really helpful!

Elsa Negasi says:

I appreciate for your great job.

sun855 says:

Thank you sir, got to know how negation ~ operator works..

Yalmahesh Gunupudi says:

thank you sir, got clear idea about bitwise operators..

Chirag Dhussa says:

It is the simplest and best video for Bitwise Operators in whole Web!

inara mara says:

you ‘rr the best ser

kshitij kumar says:

You should’ve used full length bytes for these operators. 2’s complement was not very clear here.

Saili Bhattacharjee says:

well explained!☺

Pranay Reddy says:

i have been confused about usage of negation. after seeing your video am surprised and i have cleared my doubt thank u for it

Harneet Grewal says:

very precise, thanks

nisar ahmed says:


subash babu vutukuri says:

what will be answer for

Kaushik Bhalerao says:

Can you please explain how do you convert this number to binary ?
Pls post a tutorial on converting numbers to binary from decimal and decimal to binary

Joanna Zhang says:

thank you so much! But i am wondering, to get the negative value, can’t we just change the sigh bit from zero to one then NOT everything else , then add one? so that we don’t have to write the data for so many times?

Ana Jacqueline Garcia says:

Thank you so much, this video is fantastic!

Deepti Singh says:

Thanx Sir very nicely explained. very clear lecture.

Talha Temuri says:

can I get the document file? lol

Mohammadbilal Niazy says:

thanks ; may allah give you reward of this helping

Sudha B says:

Super n simple explanation on bitwise operation.

Trax Morth says:

Please explain bit masking

Oliver Utriainen says:

I like it

Guitarheroant says:

Where is the : operator ? I’m searching that

Theair7672 says:

lmao, ur voice xD

mahamat hassan adam says:

really helpful video thanks anyway

Vishal Mamidi says:

what is the compiler ur using in this video

Anime Vitamins says:

the part where he did 2s compliment is either wrong or was explained incorrectly. You can add 1 to the diminished compliment to find the compliment

Raghabendra Sahu says:

only explained about bitwise and advanced… other’s are where?

Just Dogg says:

awesome tutorial bro!

Sathi ReDDy says:

sir…if i am giving the value x =0xff,.then the result  is ~x=fffff00…i could not understand i am getting this value…

Jitendra Jangid says:

Where the operator ? And sizeof

Akhil Raj says:

Thanks a lot sir. This video was extremely helpful for someone like me who has done some of programming . 🙂

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