C# beginner programming tutorial series – Unity 5 – Part 1 – Your First Day

In my “C# beginner tutorial series” for Unity 5 will show you the basics of day-to-day programming in Unity. This will include common variable types, setting up scripts, common methods formally known as functions in JavaScript. This will help beginners get to grips with the future of C# programming in Unity!

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Young wizzle says:

see shaap

Ren Ren says:

Simplicity at it’s finest. I love it! Thank you. 🙂

chimplayz / tactical 5 studios says:


Máté Nágel says:

Thank You very, much, Your videos are very educative and on point, I love it! Thanks for putting the effort to help us, nice job 🙂

Explore17 says:

there’s one thing I don’t understand. in the void OnTriggerEnter you mentioned Collider other in the brackets, however in other void functions you left them empty. When exactly do you enter classes in the brackets and when do you not?

Joy van Vliet says:

Maybe a very stupid question, but why define the f after 5.0f around 4:20 , while you already put float before healthFloat?

Sugary Bananas says:

I have a question, can you access other scripts by putting that script name after the public class?

RCFGamer says:

Are you Irish? Love your accent!

Königstiger Studio says:

the video is very helpful

but there one things that we see every time and you do not explain it

it is the “ontriggerenter”
^ ^

KyleGamer says:

im gonna make my first game

DerpyDolphin132 says:

your mic is very quiet

SiehtAusWieEinKeks says:

Thank you so much for this! And I can’t help but wonder, are you scottish?

Supernova12034 says:

*AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME VIDEO!* Finally a tutorial on unity c# programming that even a brain dead moron can me can understand! BTW is onTriggerEnter() your own custom function? or is it like start() function something that is built in? And what does it do?

Diabuluskira says:

Looks like great tutorial series. I cant wait to find some time to start programing and learning from your tutorials. I installed unity few days ago and started making some game, but only problem was my low knowledge of C#. Other things from unity are easy. I hope i will learn all i need for making games from your tutorials 😀

Marc Tardif says:

Day 1, wish me luck. I have good expectations from the comments.

Minou Alfabete says:

i don`t have fps controller

TheCivildecay says:

coming from gamemake:studio, (which learned me the basics of programming) and no further background in coding/programming at all.
Will this be a good series to get my feet wet in Unity 5?

the public and private class variables are the same as local and global variables in GML, and void start and void update is the same as create and step events 🙂

hyperx72 says:

I’m using Unity 2017, and the scripting menu is not only in white but the things we’re describing (Like health and healthFloat) don’t get italicized, and the colors are different. Will they still work the same way?

levitiger says:

2 questions
1. what does void mean?
2. what do curly brackets do and how are they different from regular brackets?
Nice video best tutorial I have watched so far and I have watched a lot thanks! Thumbed up and subscribed. 🙂

anil b says:

Hi guys, Is anyone able to help me with this problem, I keep getting the error code for my 2d infinite running game. “public void AddForce ( this Rigidbody2D rigidbody2D, Vector2 force, ForceMode mode ) extention methods must be declared static.

Thanks 🙂

public void AddForce ( this Rigidbody2D rigidbody2D, Vector2 force, ForceMode mode ) {
switch ( mode ){
case ForceMode.Force:
rigidbody2D.AddForce( force );
case ForceMode.Impulse:
rigidbody2D.AddForce( force / Time.fixedDeltaTime );
case ForceMode.Acceleration:
rigidbody2D.AddForce( force * rigidbody2D.mass );
case ForceMode.VelocityChange:
rigidbody2D.AddForce( force * rigidbody2D.mass / Time.fixedDeltaTime );

Alvin Björkqvist says:

Your are GOD!

lachlan mcilroy says:

This is Great!
Thank you for making this tutorial.

Layers [Rares] says:

This is so nice, I just changed from Game Maker Studio to Unity but I was having a hard time understanding how this whole scripting works.I know C++ pretty well but I’ve never touched C# and I was afraid of doing so, but it actually looks just like C++ with memory management, thanks a lot dude.

levitabusman says:

Does monodevelop come with unity?

avery domingue says:

You Sir, have just smoked some really good weed if you think this series is for beginners.
You start the series, video #1 with CODING…..CODING. What is wrong with you?

Kendrick G says:

I’m so happy i found your channel. This video helped so much. I will complete all these videos! I thought it would be unbelieveably hard but after this, it seems much more logic then math oriented which was my biggest worry. I’m much more confident I can master this now! Now i must move on to the next video!!

RCFGamer says:

I know C#, I can’t figure out unity’s version of it though

ElaynGaming says:

Hey was wondering what scene is that is that a plugin or something if yes please help me!

Minepro 20000 says:

Very detailed on what things do, that’s what I’ve been looking for. 😀

Orange Knife says:

I got an ad saying ‘coding your own game is easier than it looks. You should take this Unity C# cursus-‘


CaspMan says:

St THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!! Finally a usefull video

Caber says:

wow going from lua to c# is a bigger jump than i expected

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