C++ Beginners Tutorial 1 (For Absolute Beginners)

This video is an introduction to C++ programming using the BloodShed Dev C++ IDE and compiler. This tutorial is designed for people that are completely new to computer programming.

BloodShed Dev C++: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dev-cpp/files/Binaries/Dev-C%2B%2B%

Forum: http://onestopprogramming.com
Forum Thread For This Video: http://onestopprogramming.com/forum/index.php?topic=2.0

This is an introductory video for C++. It covers the basic topics of any C++ program including the following:

-Download IDE and Compiler (Dec C++).
-Install DeV C++
-First C++ Project (Hello World)
-Basic Input/Output


If you have a comment or question and you would like a quick response please post it on the forum. I will try to respond to comments and questions of the video but is a lot more efficient if you post to the forum. Thank You.


Riley Gallagher-long says:

I only know JavaScript is c++ worth it?

Aaronplays says:


Syxx V Ralrock says:

Build error [main.o] Error -1073741819
After copying previous steps.

Kishor Rahangdale says:


hello yous says:

still aint got a clue

Mohammad Theskilledplayer28 says:

I only know ruby

CHAIZY says:

Makefile.win [Build Error] [main.o] Error -1073741819

Nathan Burton says:

Forum link is dead, any chance you could post a new link?

Electric Engine says:

I didnt expect C++ to be that easy

Zacattack says:

Please tell the people what C is, before you place it’s notions on any particular platform. There are many people who would like to know how this strong enduring language interacted to early hardware. All of this you miss, because everything is based upon a pre-disposed platform. C was a simple low level thing, the underlying structure for such 4GL database languages. I truly would love a video of this . Respect

sajal pundhir says:

not helpful

Elias Safo says:


Testas Testuotas says:

hey i was using a newer version of c++ and it shows how long was my program turned on before shut it down..

Sankalp Mukim says:

Thanks a lot for this well explained informative tutorial @onestopprogramming. please help me. When I copied your program, I was unable to compile it. When I click on compile, after 5 seconds an error occurs and I return to the code.

J K says:

why does everyone who does tutorials press the mic into their lips

ilon rama says:

hi can you make a c++ with a problem??

The Maverick Corner says:

Hey guys I have a new C++ tutorial posted on my channel if anyone is interested check it out!

Namood e Sahar says:

Hello can You give me the code about German flag.exe?

axera says:

what language is this? Is it c?

Muthu Meena says:

Anyone please help me to write the equity and sharing program in c++ language

ratty ratty says:

Html? How I get here’s?

Swaggusaurus_FLEX says:

whenever i try compile and run for the first time. it says g++ .exe has stopped working. wtf is that?

Rainbow Sam says:

You did’t explain what it was, just made a tutorial about installing a compiler. I’d rather have a presentation. I’m just as noob as b4 watching the video now

Stetrotypical Retro Gamer Alex says:

What does Int Mean? (I know it is a stupid question)

Prosper Ibhamawu says:

mine says g++ has stopped working every I compile

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