C++ Increment and Decrement Operators | CPP Programming Video Tutorial

In this c++ / cpp programming video tutorials / lecture for beginners video series, you will learn the increment and decrement operators.

you will learn what are increment and decrement operators , how to use increment and decrement operators,using increment and decrement operators as postfix and prefix in detail with example.

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thank you anil.

Gasmilla Suarez says:

int main()
int a = 10;

cout<< a++ <

Abidafghan Laghmanai says:

thanks u somuch for the best tutorial / thanks sir /ur voice is so clear <3

johnny ember says:

Tq verymuch


see how i had made an iphone with html css and JavaScript

Sweshwaran Jai says:

very helpful, thanks a lot

Maimul Hawkins says:


iqra hussain says:


Aakanksha Chaudhary says:

Superb video. Very much helpful in understanding difference between prefix and postfix

Live Del Solar says:

a= ye?

Tux says:

The best part is when there’s no typo’s

Pool 8 says:

This was a very good tutorial, thank you mr yay

Who is sane says:

4:13 is what you came for.


give me your email sir

Yakub Umar says:

Which compiler are you using sir

Joy Crimson says:

int x = 5;
x = ++x;
z = x + ++x;
cout << z; why this function getting 14 ans?

Abacus [CSE Theory in Bengali] says:

Sir, i can’t understand the last 3 min of this video

Waqar Ahmad says:

thank you so much

Kanwal Thareja says:

yeah! b c d e f g…..

Samer_X99X says:


Lordwarship says:


Z'Shan Khan says:

it helped Thanks

Akbar Umar says:

so helpful, thanks broth

Salman Ilyas says:


using namespace std;

int main ()
int a , b;
a = 10;
cout << " If a is equal to : " << a; b = ++a + ++a + ++a; cout << "n Then b is equal to (b = ++a + ++a + ++a) = " << b; cout << "n And a is equal to : " << a; return 0; } the results: If a is equal to : 10 Then b is equal to (b = ++a + ++a + ++a) = 37 And a is equal to : 13 ...Program finished with exit code 0 Press ENTER to exit console. (the main question here is in all tutorials that i watched since i am stuck in this increment and decrement operators every video has a different answer than my results is it because there have been changes in the compilers recently because i use dev c++ & onlinegdb.com (compiler)) so in this solution the answer which i supposed to be was 39 & 13 but it is 37. WHY?

Keith Lungile says:

Great tutorial

ankit singh says:

tomorrow is my exam and your video helped me a lot.
thank you a lot


int a = 10;
cout << "Hello world!" << endl; cout << a++ << ++a <<" " << ++a; why is it giving 12,13,13

Paulo Haddad says:

how can i have the execution time too after debugging?

Manuel Avila says:

Reached a good development level in python a few months ago. Decided to move on to C++ this has been the best tutorial C++ tutorial ive found thank you.

Abacus [CSE Theory in Bengali] says:

yay..i got it

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