C Programming for Beginners | What is C language | Tutorial

Basic theory about C language.

For practical sessions on C language click the link given below.
Complete Playlist of C language : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsyeobzWxl7oBxHp43xQTFrw9f1CDPR6C

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Navin Reddy


Kamal Saini says:

gud job sir

Gokul Prasath Pras says:

Sir can u make video for python and basics pls sir and can make clear about what is python

Sikandar Shahid says:

sir ia m interst in programming. so plz tell me how i do that.
i love program

lax Kaur says:

sir could tell best software for window 10 64bit and which site i get the software for download

Aniket Mhetar says:

which book should be refer for c language???


Wonderful video sir and sir touch with u sir pleas give me your contact number

mounika tangudu says:

even I don’t how to speak in English fluently, i understand your words. tq so much Sir

Victor Zed Wings says:

this is bullshit

Anurag Tiwari says:

How to built a programming language??

Avast Zumac says:

what is the difference about c, c++, c# and if so what is the best to learn?

rekha choudhary says:

sir please upload more videos with macros and storage class, File I/O in c language with some practical program also…asap

Imaginarytech inHINDI says:

Sir please give me your JAVA tutorial for beginner series’s link , as I am very new on your channel.

Mayank Dhakad says:

I like your approach …

anirudh ravichandar says:

Sir I am 23 year old I don’t have degree but I interest to working in product based companies currently I am working in bpo what should I do?

Harish Reddy says:

Sir I like your way of ur English pronouncing so I want to start learning c language completely from you..

Murthy Narasimha says:

Dear Reddy, you are absolutely awesome…your are special.. your step by step teaching process is the best..God bless you ..best wishes for all your ventures..keep rocking and continue your service to learners..

Kushal Maharana says:

Nice Video! Sir

Lokesh Thakur says:


gajjala anirudh says:

wr can i get files in c tutorials

Rajesh Shukla says:

kindly include the file in c

The Programmer says:

Sir please tell me
” What is c stands for in c language “

abi abinaya says:

I want diff between low level and c language and what features are used in c instead of using features in low level language

Rajesh Shukla says:

kindly complete all part of c. file handling is missing

Niranjan Ghadge says:

Thanks Sir

ranawatajaysingh says:

Sir java sikhane k liye c and c++ Aana jaruri h.

tope temiola says:

Sir, please i have a problem while programming in C using Visual studio the error below was being mention on the toggle page please help

file: ‘file:///c%3A/c%20p/hello.c’
severity: ‘Info’
message: ‘#include errors detected. Please update your includePath. IntelliSense features for this translation unit (C:c phello.c) will be provided by the Tag Parser.’
at: ‘1,1’source: ”

Chandrika Yadav says:

Can you please add a tutorial for File Handling in ‘C’

Ram says:

sir i m facing a horrible shot with c because it seeming me too tough n complecated due to my very weak base of c because i m hindi medium student up to 12th standard from u.p. bord………….how can i make better my command on this too necessary language…..plz guide me

Udaybhan_official says:

#sir….. why we makes c programme?????
#sir…. reply please….

Tushar M. says:

Thanks sir for making a tutorial on C language.I was waiting for it.Looking forward to next lesson.

Harshit Kushwah says:

This video is quite good for me 🙂

Techinfo says:

sir i want to learn java as you say we need to learn first c programming .
My question is
1. Does we need to learn c++ also?
2. Does we need to learn c and c++ deeply?
3.how much time should we give to learn c and c++?
4. Does we need to learn deeply or basic of c and c++?

efemisaktan says:

why are you talking like beating to someone ? calm down bro.!

sushma naik says:

What are the features in B and BPCL language?
What are the instructions performed in those languages?

Umar K says:

you seem to have good knowledge in the software bor, but go be a good presenter you need to have the neutral accent so that people across all the states in india and the globe loves to listen to you.

one light says:

Sir do u live in Hyderabad ?if so where in hyderabad? else where}xd

devaraj7890 says:

i need to learn java script. But one of my friend suggesting me to learn c & c++ before starting java script. Is its mandatory to learn ? Please suggest me on this

Masked Introvert says:

Thanks sir.. I subscribed today

ranjith roxx says:

A nice info bro.

Dhiya Ashok says:

Tqq for presenting this type of videoo sir and my only request is we want a real world examplee for these languagess sire my humble request is this tqqq

subratta mohanty says:

Sir, pls make video on python.

Nilupul Perera says:

Thank you very much

Pranav Kore says:

Sir kya ap ye channel ka app bana sakte jisme hum direct jo hame programming language padhna hoga hum direct waha jake online ViDeo dekh sake…

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