C Programming increment decrement ++x , x++

Universally applicable in most programming (popular) languages (C,C++,javascript, java,C#..)

a++, ++a Increment or Decrement in C Programming Or ++x , x++ what it means in Programming

What it means in programming var++ or ++var?
What it means in programming –var or var–?

In c programming, it doesn’t always work as it should, lot of people complained before. The reason is this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4176328/undefined-behavior-and-sequence-points


Navin Kumar Sinha says:

its a pleasur to watch..!! thanks Alim 🙂

adnanul1 says:

great bro…keep it up, plz.

Nazia Jasmeen says:

NICE work BRO! Got startled n proud to see this amazing video created by my countryman! 😀

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