C Programming Language Tutorial (Advanced) – Structures

C Programming Language Tutorial (Advanced) – Lect 1 Structures

This is the very first lecture on Structures ie struct in C programming language. We will study the basics of struct. Why do we need it and how did it come into picture. In this lecture we will be covering struct creation, initialization, accessing elements of structure and also how to dynamically take input from the user and store it inside structure.

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Pavan Kumar says:

please sir try to explain with some more examples

Anuj Verma says:

very good bro keep going… and teach us “c” we need you…

Amar kumar says:

Nice going bro..

Ileana Jackson says:

Why doesnt the scanf take in spaces in a string?

JH alam says:

What a explanation !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dheerendra Bande says:

good job guys!!



Md.Faisal Abe-Oakkas Rakib says:

please upload full pakage of c … I am fan your video

Chaabouni Khaled says:

Wtf is that english ????!!!!

Harshitt Jaiswal says:

thankyou for this video.. all concept is clear now!

Sankar Sai Kumar Chenna says:


Madhuryya kashyap says:

good explaination

Sojitra Dharmistha says:

very use full for study ….so thank you

Nagaraj Kharvi says:

The Best programming video tuorials guys….Awesome….Very Happay

Althada Ram Teja says:

Very nice to see we got a bit of knowledge please make a video of total c language in fast basics

Priya R says:

sir,i like your explanation and your voice is very clearly,nice job sir….sir i have one boubt why did’t use & in name

jack son says:


bhoomika m says:

exelent supper understanding

mikrowelle n says:

You explained structures pretty well: it’s easy to understand!! I was nearly going to stop the video because your acent is a bit hard to understand, but I am glad I watched it because your explanation is just great!! Keep going! 🙂

Junior Yao says:


siddhartha rao says:

Very Clear Explanation..

Daniel Balfour says:

Excellent tutorial on structs. Thanks

rahul motwani says:

how to use scanf function to scan float char and int value in a single statement I m getting error in it

narasimha vallampati says:

Thanks sir I got the basic idea for structures

Briana Omori says:

Omg. Finally a tutorial that points out all the details I’ve been looking for! Thank you! 🙂

Kv Nagendra says:

Bhayya plz help me Bhayya. IAM arts student from inter to degree. In degre i did b. Com computers.
I am completed c, c++, and now iam learning java. but i have a doubt. an arts students can get a software job. bro plz bro tell me how can i get a job. plz iam a quick learner and i will do whatever it takes i have passion on computers plz plz reply me bro.

Himanshu Gupta says:

Its too good. Please make video for indirect recursion.

Gokul VR Nair says:

suprb 🙂

52 Blueberry says:

thank you wethecomptuerguys…

dhanani bhavin says:

Thnks Good 1 dear …

Naga rani says:

very good tutorial

Amar kumar says:

U will be successfull for your honesty

Lorenzo Zuluaga says:

wow i understand in this video more than 3 classes lol ty very much, got a new suscriber


Very clear topic

Mr. Vuthy says:

thank you for video. but when I input full name with space like “Adimax Lee”, and run it, the roll name and age don’t let me input value. it just go skipped. what to fix it?

Chenchu Reddy says:

thank you sir

Jon Tillo says:

what to use instead of scanf if you enter name with spaces?

Rahul Suthar says:

y did u use %s

Dasari Chaitanya says:

Thanks for ur video.


please explain somehow complicated programs and problems

Nagaraj Kharvi says:

Can you upload unions in c and also difference between structures and unions….Please

ግምባር ስሚናዊ ምብራቅ ሳህል says:

what if we want to add another student data? for example s1,s2,s3,s4,s5

FB 1ali1996 says:

no thank you

Arif-Ul-Islam Sumon says:

It’s really good for understand .Thank you

Fogata says:

Fantastically explained, thank you!

Mahamudul Hasan Rafi says:

Many many thanks

karan karnad says:

why dont you need the address operator for the string?

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