C Programming: Makefiles

Learn to construct a basic Makefile to automate building C programs.


TheRoobaru says:

Nice buildup of background information to explain the point of make. Great Job! I got a good intro to make. Now I can read the documentation or be able to understand many other material easily. Thanks.

Jeremy Zhu says:

Thank you, Barry, for making Makefile so simple to understand ^_^

Rama Nrayana Reddy Gurijala says:

the best make file video till now i have watched, plz make a video on static and dynamic libraries

Sai says:

Nice little anecdote near the end about accidental deletion. Personally, I make it a mission to init git in any project so that I never have to worry about silly little mistakes like those. Unless if I recursively delete, then woe is me lols.

dannywithnuggets says:

So if I have 34 different files that need compiling I need to write individual actions and the dependencies for EACH ONE?!

Yung Gud says:

This is the video that finally made it click for me, couldn’t have been presented any better

vikas p Sharma says:

nice concept

Naushad Rahman says:

awesome video. explanation really simplified

Sean Jay says:


Nathan Abu says:

Just perfect

drissi toubbali fadel says:

you are a great teacher, thank you

Alexander hamilton says:


Sahil Shankar says:

Wouldn’t it be easier to include gd.h in gd.c since gd.o is a dependent on gd.c ?
Also, Hats off to a perfect Makefile tutorial!

Niranjan Awati says:

Hi , nice interlace of the screen cast and camera , what setup did you use to make this youtube video ? can you give me tips ? , thanks in advance

Pharaon2502 says:

Really good work!!

Saif Abdul Cassim says:

Hey! This video was amazing 🙂 . As a matter of fact I watched this video anonymously then after that I signed in to drop a like and comment. 🙂

Abd Alhaleem Bakkor says:

great explaining , I never understood it like this till now .

Nickolas Hoover says:

I was so lost until I watched this video, very well-explained!

Space Time says:

Thank you very muchBarry Brown, clear, easy and full explanation. Great idea with screen and you on the corner, looks really professional. Good sound, everything is clear. Other youtubers should learn from you. Just perfect!

Mark Peter says:

very good video,this is really helpful!

Jeana Talle says:

Man, that thing about the wildcard cracked me up! How did you recover from that though? Were your files recovered? Thanks!

ppb says:

so great

Ngabo Jackdonnily says:

This was really helpful✊✊✊

Herro Gamer says:

What is clang ?
Sorry did not see your other videos

Sandeep R says:

Awesome tutorial and a good deep dive on Makefile. Great one!

Recep Onur ŞIKER says:

You almost look like the missing sibling of ACUN ILICALI

0xBlack says:

31:28 Your kind of true but make doesn’t actually ran targets because object files were missing.
It’s more likely to do:
Check if file/directory of that name exists -> Yes, continue running -> No, if exists, run target of that name

Shubham Tomar says:

rm * .o is nothing, I once ran sudo rm -rf /* while my internship at amazon! 😛 😛

Centurion Codes says:

https://youtu.be/DiFZETRtxts gets clear your c concepts

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