C Programming Tutorial – 1 Hello World

First ‘c’ Program is “Hello World”.
C language was designed by Dennis Ritchie.
C language is named “C” because it was inspired by B language.
Different IDE’s used for C are mentioned in this video.
Trainer: Navin Reddy

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Navin Reddy


vaishnavi jagtap says:

nice video…it really helpd me lot to know what exactly is c language

Loner Atheist says:

Thank you for breaking it down. Finally I understand the puzzles that are on the top. Lol

Sarfaraz Ahmad says:

veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice, unique work.

Aamir Ali says:

What is actual role of include in c

Chandan Gupta :CnG: says:

Sir is codeblok is good IDE for learn C

Intekhab Mohd says:

I’m from Chemistry background but I’m loving your video sir

Rahul kumar says:

Which IDE are you using Sir?????

datsme888 says:

I am using Visual studio. I have to accept instead of , why?

D Abroad Computer Hacking says:

thanx for help

lakshmi a says:

your classes are much clearer and easier then they actually are great to have your lessons
can u have any kind of app to follow

Black Sparrow says:


neela sajjan says:

where to do this programming..?
in computer what I have to install.?

Sneha Patil says:

Thank you sir for this video

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