C Programming Tutorial – 1 – Introduction

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god of war : says:

is there any difference between c and c# pls tell me

Tushar Sonawane says:

this tutorials are better than the boring lectures of our profs.
thanks guys.

arun boddu says:

we are lucky to have bucky

piousness says:

what if we can’t watch in 1080 p…

mohamed ZOUAOUI says:

This mf problem happened with me many many many times with many videos and tutorials its the sound i cant hear it and i dont know why???? ihear the sound with the other videos but some of them NO like this tutorial HELP please.

MrPinkster1 says:

I looked at these 3 years ago and I am back again 🙂


I already take the course IT. Worry, because math is not good==;

yusuf mahanoglu says:

your accent is very clear ,even i can understand what you say haha i am from turkey

Kaveen Journey says:

visited the webpage to download the program but it quoted “Code::Blocks 16.01 for Mac is currently not available due to the lack of Mac developers, or developers that own a Mac. We could use an extra Mac developer (or two) to work on Mac compatibility issues.”

Is there something else that i could do work this on my mac

Vamsi Krishna says:

Your videos are very helpful.I am not able to record voice properly in my laptop.which microphone are you using to record the voice?

Kostas Dantsakis says:

i watched your 15 video playlist of c tutorials , i learned functions. About this tutorial why didnt u use dev-c++?

Samir Khan says:

Very cool

Andrei says:

Can i do all this on linux?

Baby-Fark McGee-zax says:

The problem IMO with all the IDE software is they look way too complicated. I just want a fucking simple notepad like layout with the compiler built in. I hate code blocks.

ying tang says:

Hope I can learn a lot, Thank you.

darn el says:

your tutorial are way more easier to understand compare to my teacher..

Keun Suk says:

Is it better to learn stuff here or on other websites like coursera. these videos are like really great but we wont get any certificate or something after learning from here..

Mickey says:


xXEcksDee69Xx says:

is c similar to c#, in which i already know

Aditya Choudhary says:

sir…can you please tell me….which programming should i learn 1st….i’ve just passed 12th…now will be studying engineering in Electronics And Communication……so ill have to make robots n all other stufff……please sir guide me

spurthi madhukar says:

Your tutorials are very helpful. Thank you.

Tushar Sonawane says:

i have a problem in using the variables. how could i get my doubts clreared ?

Erarnitox says:

nice playlist but you could actually create website usig c by coding your own webserver in c

viewsPref says:

im doing comp2129 usyd, anyone same here?

appleman 360 says:

Thanks for helping me become the next bill gates!

theacp127 says:

I used RobotC to program robots. It was a pretty good variety of C.

Jacob H. Nicolajsen says:

Splendid videos it really learned me a lot..!
Your desktop time says 6:20….?!?!? Maybe you can teach me to get up eraly aswell?

arun boddu says:

I think God doesnt know how to learn C, so he created you.

Bharath Choudhary says:

sir I facing a problem in codeblock
division.exe has stopped working

swapna Lonare says:

dude you are awesomeee…thank you for all these amazing videos…keep uploading & i will keep learning.. 🙂 🙂

Enderelfs says:

im hoping to learn this before Highschool so I can ace the class XD

Kyle Guarco says:

I like C# more, because C and C++ are too verbose for me.

THOUGH, I needed a recap on C for a small project i’m working on, so I enjoy them alot.

CrazySkullGamer says:

Will it matter if I use Eclipse or Code::Blocks?

Saad Nadeem says:

this is bad. kys

kisaamo Mwebaza Joshua says:

BuckyRoberts Thanks for your Tutorials. C Programming has become easier

shrinjoy biswas says:

redtape only for winners gg

Muhammad Nabil Hazwan says:

Why i cannot hear sound??

ItsMeTarek says:

What program can I use with a Macbook?

I have never done any coding before, I need to learn it for my course and in class we use windows (Quincy 2005)

Please give me the best one for a beginner and something I can find free?

Thank you!

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