C Programming Tutorial – 10 – Creating a Header File

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Mohammed Sulayman says:

Thank you !!

games and thoughts says:

Wtf bro?! Where did u get this weird ass formula from?! U got some serious issues my friend
U better check this one out

chandra singh says:

this channel’s name is tunaRoberts

Peter Gruntz says:

wow. defined an int and it didnt worked printing it out. is c even to dumb to convert datatypes?


Hey bucky following you in your c and c++ videos but Wtf man i can understand what you are writting on ur pc . Those text seems too small pls zoom ur screen an then make videos . By the way you are awesome.

Felix Junious says:

stdio = standard input output ?


can I use string like this?
that only can scan name: Ma(s)idul Hasan
and change the character (s)????

Rakesh kumar SM says:

what is the use of creating a header file?

Taseen Ahmed says:

This was so painful to hear cuz the girl i like is 16.8 years old and it says i can only date 17.5+

San Samman says:

guys if you are watching this new in the new version it might not work ,all you have to do is create new file instead of new empty file

DanFan TDM says:

I’m 12, so I can’t date girls my age… wow.

ayush gupta says:

#include “Ayushinfo.h”
int main()

int girlsAge = (Age/2)+8;
printf(“%s can date girls %d or older”, MYNAME,girlsAge)
printf(“Me name be %s”,MYNAME);

return 0;
any body tell me why this is not running

App Arte says:

Thanks Bucky for these ineteresting tutorials keep making more videos :))

Comrade Swinglish says:

lol “hashtag is on stupid twitter now” xD

zed lepplin says:

who came back from lecture 49?

MJ Sanchez says:

C is easier to learn than C++.
C++ was invented by a lunatic.

Rushikesh Baviskar says:

So a 8 year old boy can date 11 years old girl? ._.

hamza salah says:

Nice reference from How I met Your Mother #BarneyStinson

Comrade Swinglish says:

they’re like libraries in python. Or at least that is what i’m thinking. Loving your videos man.

Keijo228 says:

Great video! The explanation of headers was clearly understandable. I want to figure out a tip: you can also type #include and into your header file so it will be working as well when you remove it from your main code 😉

Robert RR says:


Gian Luca De Lillo says:

Thank You, Bucky !!

ssrrapper says:

People are complaining about the dating age formula, so let’s make it “divide your age by 2 and subtract 7”.

sumit Kumar says:

Lol i am sure,after this video lots of dude jumped into comment box,if they can find any hottie ; )

Tian Hanjie says:

I am using  codeblocks on Mac,  I created a header, but when I try to debug it, it showed that the header file is not found, how to solve this problem

shivansh shukla says:

i am not able to get your forum,…..can you please help me out with that??

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