C Programming Tutorial – 11 – Getting Input with scanf

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Crazy boy says:

printf(” Wondered how in the heck did he got 1.8+ million subscribers”);
printf(“Now I found out why”);
/*This is just a comment*/

Crius . D . Luffy says:

I try this, when i success key in number of babies program crash, why?
i try char crush;

char firstName[20];
char crush;
int numberOfBabies;

printf(“What is your name? n”);
scanf(“%s”, firstName);

printf(“Who are you going to marry? n”);
scanf(“%s”, &crush);

printf(“How many kids will you have? n”);
scanf(“%d”, &numberOfBabies);

printf(“%s and %s is in love, they have %d babies.”, firstName, crush, numberOfBabies);
return 0;

Shuhaibv Jamal says:

Bucky = Awesome

Louis Dexter says:

@thenewboston Mr. Bucky sir, I just love your tutorials on C, C++ and C#. It’s very easy to understand and memorize.
But I have a few doubts(not much). So could you provide me any means of contacting you?
I’ll delighted if you can provide me so. 🙂

DirectX says:

Wtf am i the only one with the last scanf not waiting for input? I wrote exactly the same code!

Krait Haywire says:

I love this dude so much! Haha!

Jokes apart, thank you sir. These have been really helpful!

Shut da hell up says:

really love these videos bucky

Ahtemarul Hasan Rokon says:

so reachel is the 21 years old hottie? :O

Saeed Alavi says:

When I want to enter characters as input I cannot type normal characters and my keyboard type weird characters!! I tried to change encoding to UTF8 but again it did not fixed. I also checked several encoding but none of them worked. I have this problem just for letters and numbers can print correctly.

Pranav Bhatia says:

I’ll pray to god that Rachel loves you back.

Coal says:

03:04 “The crush…array.That sounds like i wanna smash”
Well,that’s not wrong.

ThePedro1233 says:

What if you do not want to include what you write into scanf in your output?

Puzzle Tuber says:

Bucky,greaat videos thanks..
but, my laptop have problem compiling this kind of data..

same codes i typed as u did
then,my name
it is showing “process returened 255 “. what to do??

mmysticmann says:

53 babies. or more probably more. I respect you too much Bucky. lol

Jearl Price says:

When would you want to use scanf instead of cin?

Nayeef Ahsan says:

This guy is a genius. Thanks you so much.

crist2000a says:

did not get it.

char input[3];

enter 10 chars and all of them will be printed out, regardless size of input is limited to 3.

Zou Shunzhou says:

Everything Bucky loves starts with Mc-

XP :D says:

You talk too slow so I speed up video.

Tijs Van Cauwenberge says:

can someone tell me what’s wrong with this code:


int main()
char firstname[20];
char lastname[20];
int age;

printf(“What is your first name?”);
scanf(“%s”, firstname);

prinf(“what is your last name?”);
scanf(“%s”, lastname);

printf(“How old are you?”);
scanf(“%d”, &age);

printf(“%s %s is %d years old.”, firstname, lastname, age);

return 0;

clash of clans georgian fans says:

why did u use & in scanf and why u did not use it after that in printf? or it is just because that numberofbabie was in scanf and in printf? 😀 think u know what i am asking

Cewyah says:

Your videos are so inappropriate but, they sure get those programming languages and/or markup languages stuck in your head pretty well. Love them. 🙂

Sam Shek says:

best teacher ever 😀

Ezen Gondolkozom says:

%d as integer (ㆆ_ㆆ)

Taiquan Liu says:

Man your video is soooooooo funny.

sanidhya chugh says:

honestly speaking bucky , you are the best teacher in my life till yet i must say . i am a student from india who is presently doing a course of bachelor in computer appliations 🙂 . you are the best 😉

Arijit das sharma says:

i hv just 1 question why the number of babies is not taken in array and taken a s variable .can someone please explain

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