C Programming Tutorial – 15 – How to Calculate Interest

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Lemmy says:

Hey guys, just to make it easier, you can also just put (float) in the beginning of the equation before the parentheses; instead of each variable in the eqation:
avgProfit = (float) (priceofPumpkin *  sales) / daysWorked;

David Stam says:

I made a program that calculates your averege pay and how much you will earn over 12 months xD

young kenny says:

Sir, i just want to say all i learned from collage was bullshit but your tutorial is actually helping me to understand a lot of things in coding. Thank you a lot and God Bless you.

2namtaB says:

Regarding the interest calculation, if the interest rate is 1.1% surely the return on a $1000 would be $11 making it $1011.000000 for the first year and not $1100.000000 as in the video.

Wesley Richardson says:

nice quality in the vid cant see a fucking thing

Leverquin says:

why pageView doesn’t have &?

Harry Newton says:

just use += instead of variable = variable +1

Muhammad Nouman says:

To save your time , increase video speed to 1.25 .

ExStatic Bass says:

Just wanted to point out that the program your using here can be found via the software manager or package manager in most Linux distros. Ubuntu includes it in the extended repositories.

Jorge U. Flores says:

I don’t understand why he didn’t have to use “&” when printing balance, in the previous video he said you must put the “&” before all variables except for arrays. So I guess this is an array? I’m confused.

TheJani says:

Thanks for C tutorials, I learned a lot from you!
But what happened with the quality of this video? Its below avarge, I can’t read anything on my 1440×900 monitor. All other videos in this tutorial playlist are perfectly readable.
(Sorry for my bad english)

Aslam Hossain says:

please let me know, how you copy and paste in c language?

Sha Kharn says:

Dude thank you. Subscribed

M0tumb0 says:

Thanks for all these tutorials! I got one question i hope someone here can answer to. I customized the interest calculator a bit so that the user has to type in the interest himself, and it works perfectly. BUT when i try opening the .exe file from the folder and i enter the “balance” and “interest” the program shows the results for a split second and automatically shuts off. Sorry I can’t explain it better 😀 I guess i am saving it wrong or something.

Nomad Soul says:

I am getting the error: redefinition of page views. What’s wrong? code here:
int main()
int pageviews = 0;
int pageviews = pageviews + 1;
printf(“Page Views %d”, pageviews);
int pageviews = pageviews + 1;
printf(“Page Views %d”, pageviews);
int pageviews = pageviews + 1;
printf(“Page Views %d”, pageviews);
int pageviews = pageviews + 1;
printf(“Page Views %d”, pageviews);
int pageviews = pageviews + 1;
return 0;

Severin says:

anyone else recognizing pascal’s triangle in the balance over the years? ^^
love your vids, you are awesome.

james brown says:

now i understand it, because the first we print it out, we already set page view to 1, so the new value for page view is 1

ahmed amar says:

how do u record ur vids please

Nosferatu says:

wow %10 interest. how cool is that.

Abdikhaliq says:

I never thanked but I am willing to do more than thanking.

Eric Keith says:

Hey, these are great! Thank you so much!

Danny S says:

found your site by accident trying to find a solution to my problem and found myself listening to far more than what i was looking for.   nice tutorials! but what did you mean you cant use C for webpages (0:10)?  i’ve been playing with it by enclosing html within printf statements  such as printf(““);  then after compiling, rename the .exe file as .cgi and move it to your webserver directory and just call it as a page link or with html5 ajax type without reloading the whole page.  or did i misunderstand something?  

Muhammad Shafkat says:

Bucky you are awesome! But Didn’t understand this video… 🙁

BestBuildPC Power of imagination says:

I really need a break now! for sure! lol

Scarlet Witch says:

So can I use *= if I want to count my page views? What’s with 1.1? What if I typed 1.2? Or 2.4?

BStandsForBuilding says:

Once you learn this programming language you can learn the other languages easily. It’s pretty much all of the same concepts including differences and e.t.c. But yeah, once you learn one language, the rest feel like a breeze. And you’d think you’d confuse everything once you learn a lot of different languages but oddly for me I don’t. I’ve learned so much I know when to use this language for this situation, and how this language is different from this language, e.t.c

Aleksander says:

Hey, i’ve a big problem. What is the difference between arrays and variables. By that, i also dont know where to put &,….

james brown says:

i’m stuck here

Thomas Heaven says:


James Barrow says:

thanks man, your videos are helping me quite a bit.

Djamel Arab says:

u are my super teacher lol thank u man :))))

Lucie Hrdá says:

God bless you for these tutorials! They’re very helpful!! 🙂

Mustafa Sutarwala says:

so now you like feeding cats?? amazing how C changed your feelings… lmfao

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