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KingZuluKing says:

Bucky, i love you bro ! thanks god still exist people like you man. Keep up the good work, Greetings from Berlin

Jon Ang says:

if i were to input “yn” i would still get it right, how do i prevent that?

Deelaw CS GO says:


int main()
int favorite ;
printf(“If you like COD or Java then you are my best friendn”);
scanf(” %d” , &favorite);

if ((favorite == ‘COD’) || (favorite == ‘Java’)){
printf(“You are my best friend”);
printf(“We are enemies”);
return 0 ;

This code never runs the “printf(“You are my best friend”); ” if the answer is COD or Java it skips that and prints We are enemies

asdiofjasdf says:

Hm, having a struggle. I dont know the difference between arrays and variables. Makes it difficult to know when to put &.

Osi famosi says:

Im not from the Us and i see lots of comments like “Your videos help me a lot at school”. My question is: is coding a common subject in the Us?

agenten says:

Hi these videos are amazing but I wonder if you could zoom in your text quite a bit because it’s very hard to sit back and watch on my small 1080p monitor.

Ani Pathak says:

great way to learn…

ying tang says:

I write this code. When I put 71, it says “Bad choice.”, but when I put 7.9, it says”You make the right choice”. Why?


int main()
int number;
printf(“What is your favorite number? n”);
scanf(” %d”, &number);

if(number==7 || number==1){
printf (“nYou make the right choice.n”);
printf(“Bad choice.n”);
return 0;

I React to Everything ! says:

Please….. What software are using ???

Logan Graham says:

how do you make the program do or in a way that it it wont trigger if both are try

if ( (test1) || (test1)){
if ((test1) && (test2)){
\do some code here

just seems like a lot of code to me is all

bhuranuddin dhariwala says:

and it is nly making people to leave this tuts and went to other  . . . 

shivam dev says:

if i use true/false instead of y/n then how to deal with this?
     char answer;

   printf(“Hexagonal have 6 side ?  (True/False) n”);
       scanf(” %s”, &answer);

    (answer == ‘true’ ) ? printf(“Right!”) : printf(“Wrong!”);
 every time i am getting answer “Wrong” why? please help

Karanvir Sandhu says:


int main()
char decision;

printf(“Do you love coding? n”);

if((decision==’y’)||(decision==’n’)) {printf(“You’re awesome ! n”);}
else {printf(“You should watch more Bucky’s videos and you will love it ! n”);

return 0;

atna mas says:

Bucky is such an inspiration !

Karanvir Sandhu says:

I am falling in love with programming since i started watching your videos !
-An aspiring programmer

and love for bagels !

Djamel Arab says:

hello guy’s , it doesn’t work with me this time when i use the “or” symbol “||” !! any one can help??!
and the problem is when i change it from characters to integer it works !!!!!!!!

shizyninjarocks says:


Milli Millz says:

Bucky you are a life saver!!!!!!!! Thanks bro.
– A college student

ZeSuGaming - Fortnite says:

I know this is stupid and simple compared to your guys’ stuff but I’m proud of it:


int main()
char answer;
printf(“Do you have school tomorrow? y/n n”);
scanf(” %c”, &answer);

if( (answer==’y’) || (answer==’n’) ){
printf(“Didn’t ask you. Shut it. n”);
int scale;
printf(“On a scale of 1-10, how mad are you right now? n”);
scanf(” %d”, &scale);

if(scale > 5){
printf(“ur mad lel n”);
if(scale < 5){ printf("Get mad then! n"); } printf("Goodbye."); return 0; }

Nathan Coates says:

your so awesome

Mike M says:

make sure to use single quotes instead of double quotes when checking a statement. Single quotes are used for chars and double for strings.

Zackbare says:

Zero dislikes!!

Engku Fizz says:

erm.. why did you use %c instead of %s for string? and why we use single quotation instead of double quotation for y and n? is it because of y and n are not a string? if it is not a string then what it is?

vljzlj says:

It is gonna be displayed as “good job” even if they type ” yes” instead of just “y” because it stars with a “y” or “n”. 🙂

Gobberfisch says:

What about xor? C must have something like this, am I right?

chorrdus De_fat says:

yesss dat one dislike is meee ye mee lol

Sunghoon Nam says:

0 dislike here… awesome!!

Irad Tn says:

Thanks a lot for those videos . i’m starting to study electrical engineering in Berlin and i watched all your videos to help me to get ready for my studies .

Ducktales says:

cant you print more else if statements? or am I stupid?

bhuranuddin dhariwala says:

y u r not increasing the size of fonts …coz it become too difficult to read what u r tying even on 1080 px quality  . . . 

Mo's TV says:

Can any body help me here .
I actually try running this code, but I keep getting error with in the if state that I don’t understand, the program is about asking user for their login name and afterward make sure that they provide the required name, using the if statement. 


int main(){
           char name[10];      // jubril, darame
    printf(“Enter Login namen”);
    scanf(” %s”,  name);
    printf(“welcome %s”, name);
    if (name == “jubril”) {
        printf(“you welcome sire “);       
        printf(“sorry u are not autorized here”);
    }return 0;

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.41.22 PM.png

taqiy muhammad says:

Thanks a lot for these videos, your really good at explaining this c programming!!! helped out a lot in my class CMIS 102… Keep it going man!!

Swapnil G. says:


search info says:

First video on youtube with this many views/likes and zero dislikes!……… I think I shall make this sacrifice……

keshav tangri says:

in java for comparing string we use .equalsto() function …. do we use it here also ????

guoitdreuy says:

Hey I know this is just a simple example to show the OR test but I ran the program and entered yn and the program returned ‘good job you didn’t mess anything up’ How would you structure it so that it can ONLY be y or and not both? Cheers

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