C Programming Tutorial – 26 – do while Loops

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Dirasa Dirasa says:

this program does not make sense , it should have better example

Zhihao Guo says:

What if someone really got 0? LOL

mehmet sahin says:

First time he did a fail about programming.He wrote print 🙂

shizyninjarocks says:

Very good explanation.

jlbgalang says:

is this possible with an if statement inside the loop? i cant make it work…

amr makhlouf says:

Ty very much

Shimada - Squad says:

i made a software that calculates the average of pumpkins sold per deal . microsoft hold on i’m coming :p
IN case some one wants to steal my idea and become rich :
int main()
float pumpkinssoldeverytime=0;
float numberofdeals=0;
float totalpumpkinssold=0;
float averageperdeal=0;
printf(“please press 0 when completen”);
do{printf(“number of deals: %.0f t total pumpkins sold: %.0f t average per deal: %.2fn”,numberofdeals,totalpumpkinssold,averageperdeal);
printf(“how many pumpking you sold this time ?n”);

return 0;

MJ Sanchez says:

The text is too small.
Somebody goofed up.

True entertainer says:

int main()

int aalotikki = 25;
float days = 0;
int procost = 10;
float aalosales = 0;
float sales;

printf(“TYPE ‘0’ WHEN COMPLETED nn”);

printf(“DAY=%.0f t BURGERSALE=%.0f n”, days, aalosales);

scanf(” %f”, &sales);
aalosales = (aalotikki – procost) * sales;

}while(sales != 0);

return 0;


Goldy Bhatia says:

Your tutorials are awesome but you should increase the font size from next time

Brian Kiprono says:

Good execution of the joke made it even funnier

NotAnyTrap says:

guys, i typed in the 16th line scanf(“%.0f”, &scoreentered); and thanks to that my program kinda wasn’t working ( please try this )
can i know why?

AJay Gupta says:

why you are using “grade” in this program. instead use total

billy HH says:

Hey just wondering how you do an if else in this to assign for example 90 as highest

CFREE says:

I know the grade you have to declare zero but why do you declare the other variables zero?
Can anyone help?

XTGreatShowsce says:

i thin you can do this without do while , just use if (answer== 0) { } ;

Na Li says:

A great tutorial! A question:
scanf() line: instead of scanf(” %f”, “ScoreEntered”); I wrote scanf( ” %.2f”, “ScoreEntered”). The program only run once. What makes difference between %f and %.2f here?


Namless Gamez says:

yo, umm, i was trying out this code, but everytime i enter a number, my PC crashes, can someone run this in their computer and see if it is just cuz my pc i slow

int main()
float overall = 0;
float entered = 0;
float times = 0;
float avg = 0;

printf(“AVERAGE CALULATORnnpress 0 when completenn”);
printf(“current average: %.2fnn”, avg);
printf(“input number: “);
scanf(“%f”, entered);
overall += entered;
avg = overall / times;

}while(entered != 0);

return 0;

Alex Peretti says:

I am trying to practice more “the do while loops” and I came across to this:
Can I use characters (char) to test in a WHILE? or only numbers? I would like to create a program that requests the user to enter a name (predefined) and while this name is not typed the program will keep asking to enter the correct the name. I hope this make sense 🙂

It didn’t work:

int main()
char name;

printf(“Once you have typed the correct name the program will stop!n”);

do {
printf(“What is the correct name?”, name);
scanf(” %c”, &name);
}while (name != ‘alex’);
return 0;

mehmet sahin says:

float tutar = 0;
float ortalama = 0;
float alisverissayisi = 0;
float marketegidis = 0;

printf(“Cikmak istediginizde 0’a basin nn”);
printf(“Markete Gidis : %.0f OrtalamaTutar: %2.fn”, marketegidis , ortalama);
printf(“nAlisveris Tutarini giriniz :”);
scanf( “%f”, &tutar);
alisverissayisi += tutar;
ortalama =alisverissayisi / marketegidis;

}while (tutar != 0);{
if (tutar == 0){
printf(“Alisveris bitti”);

Darky Games says:

Dude I’m So confused About Do while loop..You r good..but u used too much Floats ha ha that’s Blow my mind..I think I can understand After watching 3-5 times…Keep it up bro nice tutorials

john paul reyes says:

hi guys, can someone give me an assignment with loops to practice, heres my gmail. starscreamscreamo111@gmail.com
please i really want to improve my coding skills..

Asad Siddiqui says:


kyriacos h says:

how can i compare a string? for example

int main()
char cmd;

printf(“Welcome! n”);


scanf(“%c”, &cmd);

}while(cmd != “EXIT”);

return 0;

i know i cannot do it because c recognize this as addresses.
i have tried some things in stack overflow with no results.
How can i compare the cmd string to not be EXIT in order to repeat?
and when EXIT then exit? please help

Nomade says:

Bucky, What if my score is 0 p;

Michal Pitr says:

It demonstrates the Do while loop well, but I wouldn’t choose 0 as the quit command since you can score 0

Me Qayim says:

This too

Raja Kishore Mohanty says:

nyc video

Shadow Meth says:

It’s not a bad programming practice if we leave the false condition code area empty in the shorthand if statement right?

int main()
float grade = 0;
float scoreEntered = 0;
float numberOfTests = 0;
float average = 0;
printf(“Press 0 when complete. nn”);

printf(“Test:%0fttAverage:%.2f n”, numberOfTests, average);
printf(“nEnter test score: “);
scanf(” %f”, &scoreEntered);
(scoreEntered == 0) ? break : ;
grade += scoreEntered;
average = grade / numberOfTests;

return 0;

Ahmet Leone Popaj says:

how does it work?

yerrapotu kiran says:

Thank you Bucky

cornelxbox25 says:

I wrote my floats like so: float grade, scoreEntered, numberOfTests, average = 0;

Umar Aqim says:


int main()
{ int x = 1;
char y, Y, c;

printf(“Current number %d”, x*2);
printf(“Continue? “);
scanf(“%c”, &c);
}while(c!=y || c!=Y);

return 0;

Hey can you check my code here? its supposed to stopped when i press other than y/Y.. but then its keep on looping regardless on what character i entered..

Complexity says:

It would be better if it were zoomed in.

Francisco José Olivero says:

You could do this same program without a do while, and just using a while, is this correct?

Jimmy Botsko says:

How did you make it so when you clicked a variable, all of that variable was highlighted???

Mr. J_Krr_ says:

what have you done now these parents are just gonna know all those dirty little secrets we hide behind those averages…. T_T

Dari Acuña says:

Sucks for the student who got 0 on the first test.

Sebastian Dark says:

error: 1d returned 1 exit status 🙁

Shihabur Rahman says:

I think this can be done with using just while loop?

HabelFoc _ says:

This is make sense? let me know guys or any better code let me know


Spoder Moan says:

hey Bucky , how your program will run if someone had zero at test ?

Dilantha Perera says:


UnboxModz says:

overflow info: type AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA lol

Gabe Morris says:

whats the point of the do part? why not just start off with the while (scoreEntered != 0) and get rid of the do part all together?

Benjamin de Montgomery says:

Why are these videos replaced by other C# videos with relay shitty sound? These are great. how can i watch just your videos Bucky?

Camp OpenSource says:

Substitute C for 0 as the user will undoubtedly enter 0 as a score if they missed a test.

Seamaro. says:

Could anyone tell me why you would pick a certain loop over another one? for example why would you pick a do loop over a while or for loop? thanks!

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