C Programming Tutorial – 3 – How Computer Programs Work

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TR Tube says:

plz make new videos then i will subscribe u

KungFu Kenny says:

i m a computer science student,windows or mac?

Cyberstorm says:

0:32 0.o

now im REALLY interested

Rrook C says:


Programming Hub says:

Learn C Programming Language
Detailed material with Test Programs

Infinity Inc. says:

even in 1080p full screen the text it hard to read.

Phil Ler says:

question: why is he using int main instead of void main? The main function doesn’t need a return type?

ying tang says:

good, ready to get coding.

Ishan Dave says:

What’s with the “int” along with the main function is it mandatory to put it there every time??

Shepard says:

He explains better than any of my teachers

filip filip says:

Your program for playing videos has a bug it stopped the video after playing! :3

Tawhid Raiyan Tazbi says:

Does that mean that printf(); Is a function too?

Infinity Inc. says:

Drinking game: every time he says erm punch yourself in the face

yerrapotu kiran says:

Thank u Bucky

Jamela Mohamed says:

I pressed run but it doesn’t apper new windos for run??

Robin Rahat says:

why are we using & both?? we also can get result by only using include then why also using another header file in include function??

Hasnain Nazeer says:

I used to watch C++ tutorials about 2-3 years ago. I am starting once again on C because our college course includes it.
I’d say, you are a good teacher!!

Crson Cary says:

4/5 of his audeince left from the first ep shit people can not commit I bet those people were trying download a hack

Amar Cerim says:

Thank you for the videos 🙂

Tamir Ben says:

Best teacher ever :
“before you actually start typing a bunch of crap on the screen”
you are my hero bucky!

Jason says:

Thanks Bucky. You’re the best.

sarvagya jain says:

when i build and run the file it does not run what should i do

Adarsh Panigrahi says:

Thank you sir

Sebastian Calderon says:

youre awesome bucky!

Sangeeth Kumar says:

when i changed the name if the function ‘main’ -> ‘san’ it isn’t working why?

sunil kinng says:

thank you very much for this

Pradeep Shakya says:

Is C still worth learning? please I need help? I want to go for electronics and micrprocessor stuff.

Molita Greeny says:

thank you so so much for all the videos about C language. you help me a lot with my new classes about computer software engineering 🙂 BIG THUMB

CySin says:

So basically #include is to C what import is to python. It imports a module from the library to use in your program

Steven Nevins says:

This guy is dope. No offense to Indian people, but they are super hard to understand, and there videos some to consist of like 95% of all programming tutorials.
This guy is a breath of fresh air!!

Elkhan Hamet says:

Thank you sooo much man!!! Love your vids, very inspirational

Bjorn says:

Keep it up!

Louverbot says:

Dude there is no sound :S

Silent Gamer says:


Abdullah Siddique says:

Hey Bucky! I am really a beginner at programming. So I just wanna ask that are all these 58 videos everything to learn C?

Michael Hongslo says:

i love you


amazing sir…!!!

Aziz Karami says:

it is awesome thank you for the videos 🙂

Gerald Ellis says:

you epic bro and 1.5 mill niggaz kno it im jus sayin


J M says:

everything is good, but why you don’t make zooming or increasing font of working area? do you consider that some may use small monitors or have no HD?

Adwait Vaidya says:

its saying target using an invalid compiler

Francois Oibur says:

I would really love if there was a sort of script that is posted somewhere for every video. Hihi.

Ravi Jha says:

bucky roberts i love you.
marry my brain.

praveen kumar says:

anyone watching in 2017?

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