C Programming Tutorial – 32 – A Few Cool Character Functions

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Mohammed Fawaz says:

A very important question, even when i delete the I still can mix int and char in definition, so what’s up?
and why when I define something as char for example but %c in scanf it gives wrong result? I thought c.type will allow me to do it vice versa?

suleiman obied says:

guys where can i find the source code ???

Leverquin says:

is there any way in codeblocks to see what included stuff means? like clicking on and see that include some stuff?

Rewa Alkahal says:

you are the freaking cool 😀

Sanjay Suresh says:

I cannot understand this.please teach in a slow manner

Rayane says:

Mine is :

int main()

char grade;
printf(“enter your grade : “);
scanf(” %c”, &grade);

case ‘A’ : printf(“ok”);
case ‘B’ : printf(“nope”);
case ‘C’ : printf(“lmao”);
case ‘D’ : printf(“lmfao”);
case ‘F’ : printf(“loooool”);
default : printf(“you’re wrong”);
return 0;

Abdullah Khalid says:

In some of the other tutorials that I was watching about programming on youtube they used cout instead of printf and cin instead of scanf.
do they both do the same thing?

Capayo says:

If you use scanf() on a integer storing a character do you still use the ampersand sign in front of it, also does this apply to a character variable storing an integer?

abdo turky says:

bucky i can’t find words to say but you are amazing not just the science you have but also your personality and your funniest
It is enough that I smile when I hear your voice and jokes and get out of my sorrow You are simple and beautiful I am a Muslim and in my religion if I love someone I tell him so I tell you I love you man even if you do not read this speech even if you do not care

Md. Zubab Ibne Moid says:

when I test digit (i.e 2,3,9,5) i get a strange sign like “@” instead of that number on printf output. but incase of letter or other symbols it does not happen.

Sunny S says:

if they can be used interchangeably why when we type %d instead of %c for testing a digit, for example for int tuna=’7′, the answer is something weird! 4200656 is a digit?!!! tnx for your help

farheen dewan says:

tuna bacon tuna bacon tuna bacon 😛
bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😛
u rock :3

Best of Reddit says:

lol “OMG WTF is that?!” xD

Abhay Dekate says:

“isdigit” doesnt works with 2 or more digit number..!!! thnx for ur help..

The Stalks says:

why cant they have algebra classes like this…. with syntax n all.

Ruthvik _Rajesh says:


int main() //why isn’t this working please help me
int man = ‘z’;

if( isalpha (man)){
printf(” my letter : %d “, man);

return 0;

DerSohnDesAlvaters says:

Uhm… I am studying computer science, I have to know all the inner workings of a computer.

arif budiman says:

u r talented bro , i got much from your tuna tutorial lol

SincerelyVince says:

ASCII is the system used to link numbers to characters, allowing you to use them interchangably. UTF-8, which is the system we now use, includes ASCII. If you’re interested in learning more about this stuff, ASCII is the keyword you’re looking for

Leandro170 says:

int number = ‘b’

*h m m*

int number = ‘b’ = 2

*t h i n c c*

char b = 2
int number = ‘b’

Volo says:

When using codeblocks, i am able to compile and run programs without the return statement in the main method as well as leaving out all preprocessor files. Why?

barasa nathan says:

Switch maybe confused with “if….greatwork mr

psygrimlock says:

Do you have a video covering Classes and Methods in C?

Shaikh Rezwan Rafid Ahmad says:

Okay, so I wanted to spice things up a bit by actually asking the user for an input using scanf. It compiled successfully, and it also ran. But whenever I give 55, let’s say it says its a digit. But in the same program if i give a letter it says “J is an alphabet”
Anyway, here’s my code
Is there a way to fix it? So that, when I give lets say a number 5 it will say ” 5 is a digit’ and when i input “a” it’ll say, ‘”a is an alphabet” simultaneously?

int main()
int x;
printf(“**Digits and Integer Separator** n”);
printf(“Enter digit/number: “);
scanf(” %d”, &x);


printf(“n %c is an alphabet n”, x);

printf(” %d is a digit n”, x);

printf(” Unknown n “);
return 0;

The FUTURE Co. says:

so can you please make a program to tell us how computer works?

foosfighter says:

What is the difference between int tuna = 9 and int tuna =”9″?

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