C Programming Tutorial – 34 – strcat and strcpy

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Alexei Matrossov says:

say/ Hey howudoen?

lord bumus says:

every girl is waaaaaaay ooouuut of YOUR league. Jk

Manal Izem says:

the best way to have her is sending the link of this tutorial and tell her to watch it all lol ik it’s 3 years later now but i really wanna know if u got her or not btw thanks for the tutorial it was really interesting

AJay Gupta says:

Hey bucky, in your one of Podcast you told that you don’t have FB account, so how can yousend request to that girl????

shizyninjarocks says:

Bucky got dat ass for sho.

Chen Mun Whye says:

so hows the date?

Mr. J_Krr_ says:

Just type bacon and Tuna. Works with your program, will do with girls too.(I guess)

Michael Haverty says:

teach her to strcpy!!!

freefree OG says:


DarceyXgamer says:

Tell her “my dad has a GTR”

Peter Ivony says:

Can’t you just use ham = “Bucky is awesome!”, instead of strcpy?

Stan Nicolae says:

the font is too small, and the tutorial is from newboston. I thought your tutorials are better than other.

Bennett Shure says:

you should write her an application about how much you love her

Shepherd Yannis says:

too small, hard to watch for a small screen

Karandeep Singh says:

How’s this for a pickup line? : “Hey hot girl, I code in C, but I can give you the D.” XD

Johnny Quid says:

Bucky, it was almost 2 years ago, can you tell us what happened in the end. I’m sure that this story was far more interesting than tutorial to most of us, so
if(you’re_watching) {
printf ( “Please let us know what happened! n “); }

L B. says:

easy. dont get seduced., or she ll rip you apart.

Ayumu Tachibana says:

Wount you teach us how to make those librarys?


how to change bucky robert into Bucky Robert


int main()
char fname[20];
char lname[20];

printf (“n Enter your first name :”);
scanf (” %s”, fname);

printf (“n Enter your last name :”);
scanf (” %s”, lname);

fname [0]=toupper(fname[0]);
lname [0]=toupper(lname[0]);

printf (“n # your name is %s %s #n”,fname, lname);

Mircea Arva says:

Hello from the past!!! (3-9-2016)

Peter DD says:

Why would one ever use strcpy if one can simply write
ham = “Bucky smells!”;
What’s the difference?

Turncoat says:

The only reason not to give these tutorials a 9/10 is the size.
I appreciate that it’s high quality but it’s just not needed,
it’s way too small even on my huge monitor.

Hamza Salah says:

int main()
char Fname[20];
char Lname[20];
printf(“Enter your first name->”);scanf(” %s”,Fname);
printf(“Enter your last name->”);scanf(” %s”,Lname);
int i=0;
Fname[i]=’ ‘;
}while(i<=(strlen(Fname)+1)); printf("Full name:%s",strcat(Fname,Lname)); return 0; } i've included(Ctype.h, stdlib.h, stdio.h, string.h) this function appends last name to the end of the first name and it makes sure there is space between the two strings + the first letter is upper case: and thanks bucky

Kayizzi Shakul says:

the words are too small our brother ..not easily viewed

ZURATAMA1324 says:

Wait, why would I need strcpy if I can just redefine the variable?

Jordan Rice says:

Look up RSD. Thank me later and godspeed!

D. Refaeli says:

You already taught strcpy. I guess all that giddiness takes it’s toll 😉

vichaha says:

hey man. thanks for the video. It’s almost 2016 now. Did you get the girl? or still #programmerforeveralone?

savinud says:

say hi and ask her to hang out in the park

ZURATAMA1324 says:

When Bucky said she was 9, I thought her age was 9.
I was getting ready to call the police.

Tannya Seth says:

#define MAX 500

int main(){

char password[MAX];
char p;
int i=0;

printf(“Enter the password:”);

while((p=getch())!= 13){
password[i++] = p;

password[i] = ‘’;

printf("nWeak password");

printf("nYou have entered: %s",password);

return 0;

Aaklit Taneja says:

start with “are you french? because ma-damn”

just4funFTW says:

am i too late for this or can i still give you the advise on what to text her?

you mentioned it at 6:28 in your own video, i mean.. its perfect dude
its casual, not too clingy and still a compliment !

(whatup beatiful girl i just met)

john stiple says:

can u please tell me the name of that girl? hehe


I just love the way this tutorial starts.

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