C Programming Tutorial – 4 – Print Text on the Screen

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Gursidak Singh says:

whats the difference when we are using void main or int main?

Emarantia Ngomane says:

Hey, im completely new to programming and i wanted to find out if this also works for C++ as well? i tried the printf thing on the C++ but it said error so i assumed i made an error or does it generally work differently? thanks

ibrahim shaikh says:

hey my program does not displays on screen tell me what to do

Lance Mattson says:

You’re videos are awesome, keep it up.

Aditya Choudhary says:

sir…can you please tell me….which programming should i learn 1st….i’ve just passed 12th…now will be studying engineering in Electronics And Communication……so ill have to make robots n all other stufff……please sir guide me

Himanshu Marmat says:

Mine is showing, error: expected ; before { token, even if there is nothing like that, Please help

pratik patil says:

how to print ‘ ” ‘ character inside printf statement?

Pro Vival says:

Not backslash its REVERSE SLASH !

Alba MK says:

I have a question, I am making a program that prints a word in the screen so that the user writes the same one. Words are in spanish and include ‘ñ’ and ‘á, é, í, ó, ú’. The program keeps printing words from a dictionary until the user makes a mistake writing. However I cannot print for example “árbol”, it prints instead of á a different symbol. How can I make the program print the symbols I want?

Abhishek Agarwal says:

whenever i create a new file in the same project, it doesn’t run. Shows some main function error.

vajeeram b says:

hey ! your classes are great ! but when i went through the list of your ” c language” , i did;nt find any video related to “linked list “. will you help me in that ! please ?

Shermanlyh says:

I don’t hear a beep with the code below . What should i do?

int main()
printf(“Hello world!a”);
return 0;

luke hp says:

jee it took me 5 minutes to get that its “n” and not “/n” -.-‘

Quin Miller says:

I am having problems with my command prompt, the program will run but my command prompt will be blank, and I did everything you did in the video.
Please help 🙁

Sn0w CrAB says:

Y don’t you use microsoft visual studio??

Wishal says:

One of the best tutorials out! Thanks alot

GiraffeKey says:

I’m learning this as a second language to java, I’ll learn C++ after these tutorials, and damn, is this similar to java. Java was based on C anyways wasn’t it?

Jason Heard says:

Thank you!

manoj y says:

Whats the use of #include . i know that #include has all the functions .which we use to build a programme

Zm0th says:

you can also put “cout” instead of print.

entschuldigung says:

Would be so much easier to follow along if you had filmed a smaller area. Even on full screen 1080p, it’s hard to read.

Amitabh Mishra says:

My program not running in Code Block

Saten Harutyunyan says:

Thanks from Armenia

Xersie says:

can we use it like this printf(“something!na”);

Austin Nguyen says:

How do we save files or create a new “.c” file? instead of using main everytime? thanks

robzombie954 says:

I am Curious, how would I go about using multiple escape sequences, say I wanted a and n I’ve tried it but only one of them works at a time. Would I have to make multiple printf fuctions to use multiple end sequences..?

Jack says:

1:09 I typed “Jack is more awesome than Bucky”, did I fail the class?

ying tang says:

Bucky is awesome! Bucky is cool! LOL

Anthony Gordon says:

none of the codes I write work and no command prompt comes up, any ideas?

Cole Ventura says:

i am running on a mac and it says something like your project has not been built yet and says I need Xcode… I’m confused

gramahL says:

🙁 /a doesn’t work on my computer LOL . I guess my computer is a silent type.

ahsan ali says:

Very understandable

yerrapotu kiran says:

Thank you Bucky

Dave T says:

Hi so I’ve been having a few issues with running CodeBlock like entering info onto the compiler or running the program based on the written code, so I need fixing these things?

EveryVideoShow says:

Cant hit backslash

Rajeev Krishna says:

I think void main should come instead of int main

boobeebah13 says:

i know this isn’t a problem, but just in case, if the command window is going away as soon as it’s there, put getchar(); right before return 0;

like this:
int main()
return 0;

Jose Daniel says:

Bucky IS awesome.

ibrahim shaikh says:

got it

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