C Programming Tutorial – 43 – Dereference Pointer

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humbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

you should make an annotation that pops up saying “asterisk” every time you say ampersand by mistake in this video…think it’ll help a lot

MathRed says:

99% of comments = It’s an asterisk, not ampersand.

Ariana says:

i have a final in 5 hours thank u so much for your videos

Max Tan says:

4:00 “why they named it dereference, i dont know they just want to be confusing” LOL

Bird Bird says:

Keep it up!!
But the words is abit too big. It would be nice if u can make it smaller

Akashdeep Kashyap says:


puru says:

I fucking hate pointers. Yeah I understood them eventually but my worst memories when starting out with C a few years ago was learning about the term “pointers”.

Anne Elrod says:

please stop calling the asterisk an ampersand

lilo Rouif says:

i know guys from inelec are watching this, #cherifi#lookthere

Jake Sykora says:

Great stuff, really helped!

Shweta Shaw says:

Can’t see any thing 🙁

Anshul Sharma says:

when you say ampersand you mean asterisk right?

Jagan Dwarampudi says:

kind of confusing but understood 90%

Muhammad Mubashirullah says:

pass by reference : pointer
pass by value :variable

with regards to function parameters.

Michael Schmidt says:

are you going to post this source code on your forum? Great stuff

OvalWingNut says:

The video was so convincing that I started to think that “was” an ampersand :O) Like another commenter says… “it keeps us on our toes”. ALL GOOD STUFF no matter. Getting the “concept” is the toughest part. Your videos ReAlLy are HeLping. Thank you!

Darek Czajkowski says:

Hah. I love how old PHP `thenewboston` tutorials are very outdated and them C ones are not at all.

I hate C, but those videos are very informative and help a lot. Thanks man! 🙂

FilBoy Nate says:

now i’m hungry for some tuna…

Michael Thomas says:

I like your style of teaching – it’d be awesome if y!ou did an objective-C course

Angel says:

You’re awesome! Thank you so much for you help!!!

Philip Schultz says:

I am confused, in this tutorial you keep saying “&” ,yet you write “*”

́134535644434674 909083928 says:

Do you go through error handling and dynamic memory and testing in these c programming videos?

boss revs says:

comon you guys! It’s right there in front of you !! You’re dereferencing a null pointer! *slaps back of your head

Pratik Vyas says:

+thenewboston asterisk

Patrick Esguerra says:

dude, does the dereferencing variable for example (*ptuna) needs to be declared? ive seen in your next video that your dereferencing variable name doesnt have a declaration

SenorQuichotte says:

why don’t you just pass the var as a reference instead of doing pointers? seems like alot of extra work when unneeded

Ruairoquai says:

What’s the point of dereferencing when you can simply use %d instead of %p to get the value instead of the memory address…

sakib joy says:

increase the font please. btw thanks

王思融 says:

“I don’t know, they just try to make it confusing!”Loooooool

Seema Pradhan says:

It’s asterisk, not ampersand.
Please correct it

Amol Cbi says:

R u trying to make people fool??
first you learn and teach to others.

Jean says:

* = asterisk
& = ampersand

Gaming Turkey says:

‘*’ in C really reminds me of ‘@’ in assembly. Anyone else?

Tobias Feil says:

wow, same here. I didn’t get this simple principle when it was explained in the book but now it makes so much sense! thanks!

King of Dongles says:

I’m learning C after already knowing java, so the concept isn’t new only the syntax is. I think you just saved me on my midterm that I have in an hour.

Archil Zhvania says:

It is Asterisk, no Ampersand. The video gets very confusing because Ampersand means a completely different thing in programming. please correct it.

son dang says:

1:03 thats not an ampersand lol . BUt thank you so much i wish my professor is half good as you are. i mean they try to teach programming in a black board for christ sake. who does that just my school

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