C Programming Tutorial – 43: Functions (Part-1) Declaration, Definition & Invocation

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at functions. We’ll see how we can declare, define and call functions.

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E k says:

Thank you!

defritzel says:

thank you! I finally understand the basics of functions.

bakhit Amir Har says:

wherever I go to understand,I don’t know I can’t understand C prog without come in this channel….so you are making me to like C more than I felt

Suju Elfarahin says:

Thanks a lot! 😀

Anish Menon says:

44th ?

Manoj Rathod says:

i would like to learn more tutorials-functions

Mujeeb Rehman says:

sir where is part 2 after 43rd tutorial of function??

Jia Yi Teh says:

i dont understand

Shoaib Nayan says:

keep’em coming!

Ekaterina Kalache says:

Thank you! Your simple and basic example helped to understand how the function is called. Will be following your tutorial.

Rishwanth Katam says:

isn’t functions part 2 available

Yash Parmar says:

which software you were used for this video for c language???

Wish Pathirana says:

This is so fucking good tutorial brother <3

Xavier Rowe says:

Thank you. This was very helpful to me.

shadab abedin says:

how do i know which function something return or not?

Nishant Jain says:


TheSegaGuru says:

Great! Thanks!!

Michael Knox says:

Thank you so much…honestly this is awesome

Arnold Agura says:

what software are you using for running c prog?

Kashif Mubarak says:

Thanks buddy!

Sunil Padmanabh says:

thank you!!!
we r waiting for ur upcoming videos..

sirisha ivaturi says:

Your tutorials are actually the opposite of the name of your tutorial…..”THE BAD TUTORIALS” which are infact “THE GOOD TUTORIALS”..:)..thank you so much!!..really helpful!!!!..:)

HikikomoriGamer says:

…I don`t think you need void in front of the prototype neither the function itself

TungsteN says:

Very helpful! I understand how u explained this to me more than my teacher does.

Tasneem P says:

pretty good thanks for explaining everything step by step, i might pass my module because of you, keep up the good work much appretiated

Avinash singh says:

Very bad
What do you want to say ?
Just talk about your video
Something does not mean this video
  Nonsense video

samintosh says:

If you don’t mind me asking, what editor do are you using? Is it Code Blocks?

aizan qamia says:

thanks, this vid is really helpful

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