C Programming Tutorial – 47 – The Heap

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Harshit Kumar says:

Using Ctrl-Alt-Esc instead of Ctrl-Alt-Del will not mess with the screen recorder !

motorheadbanger90 says:

Can you please just be my intro to operating systems teacher at university of maryland?

aandrese85 says:

I’m pretty sure each process has its own heap

אילן אילן says:

You better not forget using free() if you love your computer xD

idcemail123 says:

Whats the point of borrowing more memory? Why borrow more memory then what int uses?

Roger Tello says:

I’m at the University and I even don’t understeand anything at programming class, but your tutorials are freaking awesome man, keep it flyyying

yerrapotu kiran says:

Here for int * movie; int typecast is used
movie = (int *) malloc(5*sizeof(int));
Normally in programms we use int ,float,char ,then what should be used ????

Kong Yih Fann says:

what happen if an exception is thrown before the free()? Will the dynamically allocated memory still be freed? Or…exception/error that closes the program is not available in C?

SenorQuichotte says:

why are you using int instead of uint? these values never go negative. there are no negative addresses in the register.

Capayo says:

Also if you want to know how big an integer is on your computer you can type this:

int i;
printf(“%d”, sizeof( i ) );

It gave me 4 (bytes)

Sara S says:

Woww….I had such a hard time to understand what malloc does!!!!! I can’t believe it was such an easy concept! Thanks a lot! you are really changing my view of programming! I really appreciate it!
btw, you always say that you are not a good father or a teacher, but I think you are good!

Patrick Sedjro says:

How can I get that program that tells you how much of your computer’s memory you are using?
name and download link below would be nice.

Richiczan Remus says:

4:51 AM!!! thank you for really nice tutorials!

KwithH says:

Pro tip: ctrl + shift + esc
Happy uninterrupted recording!

Thomas Cottle says:

Still can’t see anything.

ahmed salman says:

thank u for this beneficial tutorial 

Atiq Hakken says:

but doesn’t that mean that now you need to know the amount of intergers required? and if so dont you still have the same problem you had at the beginning ? how many intergers -> how much memory?

Toan Nguyen says:

Can u guys explain what does (int *) in the 8th line for??

Amit Singh says:

sizeof is a keyword, not a function. You can drop the parenthesis.

SteepVisions says:

why not just int *points = malloc(sizeof(int)*5); ?

Sherlock Stark says:

you don’t sleep, do you ? 4:49 AM… Well, i only want to say you are awesome teacher….. Thanks bucky.

Capayo says:

Instead of Ctrl + Alt + Del, you can press Ctrl + Shift + Esc and the task manager will instantly open.

Miguel Barbosa says:

So this isn’t programming related, but does anyone know how to get those memory gauge and such he has on the top right?

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