C Programming Tutorial – 49 – Structures

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ffxme says:

Can a function return a struct?

shizyninjarocks says:

Extremely helpful and easy to understand! Thanks!

InternationalThugVEVO says:


Your Mother says:

Nice videos! But if you could zoom it a litle, would be perfect

Xmann1 X says:

So, this is kinda similar to class in python?

James Logan says:

Isn’t it a bad practice to set an array size? Doesn’t the leave your software venerable?

Nèmo Fish says:

I’m not sure if you still check your channel! I would say, you ROCK man! I’m so grateful thanks to you i finally understand the strucs

Imtiazul Sakib says:

bruh, couldnt you zoom a bit? hardto read from such small letter.

motorheadbanger90 says:

what is the title of your video that features DOUBLY linked lists?

BadDeveloper says:

if you wanna assign value to char array you cant just use “=”, instead use strcpy(bucky.firstName, “Bucky”); in this case

GertK 1000DKK says:

Nice video, and nice burp at 8:30 hahaha

Jeremy Shutrump says:

really great teacher bucky, I’ve been watching since 2013. you deserve all your subs and revenue you get from this.

Paul Bisca says:

How do you use cin.getline() with a data structure member?

Jen J says:

Very good tutorial, thanks.

InternationalThugVEVO says:

if this guy removes the family filter for the swearing this’ll be the best channel

Ali says:

protip: use fgets instead of gets

Sujay Borkar says:

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas …well thats a name longer than 25

Rash Scientist says:

increase the font size buddy
it’s difficult to see the coding

Will Cavalcanti says:

isn’t this just like OOP?

Sean Ponce says:

excellent, thank you so much

Danny Skinny says:

Excellent. We are doing a lab assignment very similar to this and the book blows chunks. Immensely helpful. Thanks!

Jr Villanueva says:

Awesome tutorial about SHRUCTSHURES! 😉

Hasan Alzageruri says:

Can I copy the text from anywhere?

Rudy_Eila says:

Can you make an array of Structs?

MyHoneyDripper says:

Although I find Carl Herold’s tutorials better, in spite of what he has done/not done (took me a while to accept, and be able watch his videos) –
– I am glad you are here to elaborate topics not covered there 🙂 thanks!

Johnny Quid says:

Hey guys, i have a problem running my program. It can’t handle numbers bigger than 7 (it says that the program is octal constant, so i dont get it). Anyway, i put any other number and it worked just fine.
My second, and apparently fatal, problem is that it can’t handle char type of variable. Code is not too long, so please take a look, and let me know what did i do wrong. THANKS 🙂

struct suspect {
int idNumber;
int birthYear;
int currentYear;
char nameOfSuspect[25];
char lastNameofSuspect [25] ;
char middleName[25] ;
float height;
float weight;


#include “Struc.h”

int main()
struct suspect bucky;

bucky.idNumber = 020478020;
bucky.height = 205;
bucky.middleName = “Teacher”; // this line of code is problem (incompantible types when assigning to type char[25] )

printf(” %dn”, bucky.idNumber);
printf(” %.2f n”, bucky.height);
printf(” %s”, bucky.middleName);

return 0;

Nitesh Agarwal says:

how do I explicitly initialise the firstname and lastname without using gets(). if I use bucky.firstname=”Bucky”; I get an error that it cannot be assigned.

entschuldigung says:

Video starts 3:25

Malik Brahimi says:

How would you go about a typedef struct in the header with multiple c files?

GEO RGE says:

8:30 did you just fucking belched on us? 😀

hamed dabiri says:

Just Perfect!

Wahid Hamidy says:

thanks a lot , I appreciate your effort buddy

Mars Blackwood says:

Your tutorials are very good!
And I kinda like your “accent”-thingy. Shtring, Shtruct…xD

vann starz says:

is emily that hot girl you were talking few tutorials ago?

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