C Programming Tutorial – 5 – Comments

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tanjid fagun says:

i cant watch videos clearly…
too small 🙁

Sebastian I. says:

only 4 minutes every video?

కిరణ్ కుమార్ బొక్కిసమ్ says:

the pronunciation is /ˈastərɪsk/. with great power comes great responsibility!

Rayane says:


My Dudes says:


Jamil Hossain Shuvo says:


Kelly Freet says:

“the same thing, but backwards” of /* would actually be *. The asterisk appears the same when mirrored, but the slash does not. Just being a smart ‘a’ ‘es’ ‘es’ and messing with semantics 😉

Tao Paiku says:

Is there a way to make the comments another color or something?
It’s very hard to see them.

Mohit gehlot says:

My system makes sound only once even when I put two times “a” in two different printf commands. Why?

Noma says:

I learnt this from tf2 back in the day when i changed cfg files for more fps you can comment by doing 2 forward slash

Edit: I watched the entire video but good information

Brian Nguyen says:

dang wow your family come over at 7 am for a garage sale

Reema Shrestha says:

Really nice videos. It helped me learn the basic things which were troubling me for many days.
And it’s really helpful for a beginner like me. 🙂

Vinay Ayar says:


Jim Matzouranis says:


My Leg Guy says:

Why does he have a ?

davi eler magalhães says:

awesome channel

Crson Cary says:

he does not explain much in 1 ep but good series

ReYeo says:

Best Teacher Ever

yassir acharki says:

thank you

Aleksander says:

Hm, what if i want a alert and a new line?

Verbyanto E. P. says:

created tutorial anagram random string in c please

Mahmudul Ahsan says:

bucky is awesome.

Rongbuzz De says:

থাঙ্কস অ্যান্ড কুল 😀 

ashish rajput says:

my computer cannot speak doesn’t make any voice…or maybe i cannot hear

CySin says:

What kind of headset are you using? The mic comes in really clear

Jack says:

What I typed:

This statement is true V
This statement is false ^

Rohit Bansal says:

why u r adding comments! what they mean? because we cant see them on print text??? plz answer

rohit marati says:

when i give input 5 and 7 then i get the area of triangle as 17.000

Salla Lokendran says:

After watching this video I did not understand what comments are used for .. and what is exactly meant by comments in c programming language

jorne franssen says:

Man, i love these videos. I didn’t understand my teacher was saying but now I do. Thanks a lot, keep it up man!

Sajjad Hasan Rabbi says:

that was really helpful

Jaiswar Prashant says:

thank you! bucky this series of c is  really very helpfull , it help me alot to score me in my exams thanks again.

Alkanas Smaill says:

thanks man thi’s great

cak insomnia says:

hey l really like your tutorials!… it’s helpful. well i am indonesian and i actually wanna make video tutorials like this one.. may i use yours for my reference??? certainly, in my video i will use my own language (indonesia) and i gonna explain it with my own manner… hehe thanks bro for the tutorial!!! 🙂

Hosnee Mobashir says:

thanks man .. keep it up!

Badri Baskaran says:

“If you hear any noise blame them, not me”.

san kitty says:

/* hello world !! */

Rifatul Karim says:

Make C++ Great Again!

Imran khan says:

you made me clear

Maria Jacinto says:

hey love the vídeos very helpfull !

mudassir shaikh says:

will I learn full C language from this playlist ?

sterlingsilver11 says:

Clear and understandable videos. Good teaching methods!

Kevin Jeremiah says:

Love your videos bucky.. Keep up the good work

Roberto Fortich says:

Matlab comments look like this too

MJ Sanchez says:

Your text is too small.

Imran khan says:


Metanoia Dex says:

Just Like In CSS ( Comments )

Andrii Vlasov says:

Text on your screen is freaking small. I am almost not able to see it, even on fulscreen mode.

Motivational Talk says:

video quality is bad. i download mp4 720.

Jason Heard says:

Thank you!

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