C Programming Tutorial – 50 – Writing Files in C

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Xoran Tcvision says:
Busol Oleksandr says:

best C lessons ive ever seen

Rayhan Mahmud says:

If I had found this tutorial before my final exam i never got B+ is C programming language! 🙁

Starfire★Uchiha says:

This is how you make bacon in C

Albert Enstien says:

why we have to use pointer always here (FILE*fdata) why cant use jst a simple (FILE int fdata)

Tushar M. says:

Great Video sir..Thank you

Ashitosh Ashture says:

so small size fonting here…plz make it large

Thai Nguyen says:

you know how to use fopen_s ?

sam harman says:

don’t get me wrong your tutorials are clear and helpful, but you’re a goon. no-ones got it all, keep up the good work either way

Mike says:

Awesome explanations. You da real MVP!

Xoran Tcvision says:

Isn’t it safer to set the value of the File pointer to NULL at the begining

Subdivisional-Mass says:

Almost there guys, you can finish the last 8 videos 😉

Abubakar Ahmed says:

Better than my university’s C programming course

Analog Digital says:

bacon is unclean flesh, BUCKY STOP EATING BACON!!

Sherlock Stark says:

you sound like robert downey jr… hehe great..

za3zoo31 says:

You are awesome 🙂

Abdul Magsi says:

Man You saved my Ass’
Thumbs Up …………. {keep Coding}

Mario Balukja says:

My code doesn’t work 🙁

Sri Harsha Arigela says:

Thanks alot brother…

Prakash Ch. Awal says:

I am using Borland C++ .where will my file be saved?

qnibly says:

Hello fellow c programmers and youtube peoples. FYI you can pinch your mouse pad on most laptops to zoom in/out. or on a desktop, use ctrl+scroll. At any rate, watch this vid in HD, and then use your computer to zoom.

Harjinder Singh says:

a stands for “append” or “addmorecrap” -Bucky

Grace Chu says:

Bucky – I am a complete newbie at programming, currently taking my first programming class online. Happened to run across your tutorial on pointers a month ago, and I’ve been searching for ‘thenewboston’ whenever I am looking up tutorials for C functions and usage. Your tutorials are incredibly helpful, clear, hands on. It is a breath of fresh air for somebody who does not have an actual classroom setting to go to for help. I cannot thank you enough!

kanskejonasidag1 says:

Recorded at 6 in the morning… I feel tired just thinking about it 😉

A U T. says:

your channel really helped me, thank you!!
and i also have a request: could you make tutorials about ADT? how to built, how to use, and some examples too.
thanks ahead

Izzy G says:

my visual studio says “fopen” is unsafe and wont let me do it….

idcemail123 says:

I’m using visual studios , and my code works but it doesn’t create a file or atleast i can’t seem to find it?

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