C Programming Tutorial – 55 – Global vs Local Variables

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Alexandru Dinu says:

For those who didn’t understand it, let me explain to you, so in this case warts is like a bitch when is declared like a global, and when it’s declared like a local, then it’s like your girlfriend. It’s so simple! Be creative :))

PrincessSakuno says:


Maurice Muteti says:

write a c program to calculate the area of a circle and area of a sphere the programmshould display area of a circle,sphere and radius. implement the calculation of areas as two different functions. the program should allow user to enter single value representing the radius for both the sphere and circle

deeru reddy says:

hello Bucky, I am a huge fan of ur videos and got a doubt and that is whether local variables and formal parameters are the same?


thankyou sir

Chanc Gettel says:

Your videos are great. I learn a whole lot more from these than my professor. Super easy to follow.

Leverquin says:

so C doesn;t have public/private functions? only global,and local?

Capayo says:


viewsPref says:

engl ppl always suppose american & australian eng r bogan eng.

Alberto Rubio says:


Chin Hui Hing says:

Great thanks

Darren Lo says:

WOW. I have learned more in the past 10 minutes of my life watching two of your videos compared to my prof at my college. Thank you so much!

gulu babu says:

you are seriously an awsome guy. @bucky

GAMER z says:

why u say ok just before your gonna end a sentence

Patrick Esguerra says:

you are so funny, you got so many warts (laugh emoticon)

J E says:

hey this is a very nice channel. Thank you!

Syntox says:

If you change the value of a global variable inside a function, thus that change the value globally or only locally?

NOaH etan says:

thank you

Jacob Guerra says:

Holy crap, thank you for this video! I’ve been beating my skull into a wall trying to understand functions and you cleared it up nicely for me. Good video!

SenorQuichotte says:

reduce the size of your screen, you’re wasting a lot of space or use a bigger font

Ahmed Hesham says:

You are a legend mate!

Will To Win says:

asdlfkjasdflkjas;lfj;sldkfas wahh wahh im a computer nerd and i go around telling people not to use global variables because it makes me feel big inside!

Minh Le says:

U made it so easy to understand for a beginner like me. Thanks man.

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