C Programming Tutorial 56, String Functions pt.7


M. Mohammad says:

why does all need *pointer in all 7 parts??

Brockisac says:

For the last explanation with why to chose an array over a pointer, if you use malloc while chosing a pointer, it should work, doesn’t it?

Sasa Kalaba says:

You couldn’t have explained it better. Good job.

Sudeepa Herath says:

Adam you are certainly cool..

Alex Michael says:

Super bien expliqué! Very clear explanation sir, thank you 🙂

silentderp says:

Great Video!! Is there a way around the string pointer? I want to split a string that is a string pointer..?

DJ says:

Great work dude!

malooki888 says:


ticktock says:

or you can just type in ‘ss’ between ww[dot] and youtube.

Sami Abdu says:

u just saved my homework . thank u very much 

Mazhar Imam Khan says:

One of the best explanations on strtok(). Thanks a lot

Péter Varga says:

Super explanation! Very helpful!

iera uk says:

God bless you.

cn7abc says:

so if you cannot use a pointer, then how would I do this for input from an external file?

SlashRulez93 says:

alani eisai

badboarder4 says:

Great video! I had issues when I worked with the string tokenizer in Java, but this video helped me clear it up.

Bob You says:

Why did you use pointers @ 3:30 for ‘word’ and ‘secondword’. You could have just done the same thing but omitted the ‘*’ at the start of each word right?

m0h1t says:

cant thank you enough awesome!!!!

Philip King says:

Really great tutorial. So clear. Great use of the squares to illustrate what is going on in memory. It is hard to find tutorials that illustrate what’s really going on. One of the very best I have come across. Thank you.

Tumbleweed says:

Hi, I found your video very informative but your audio is low from my perspective. It sounded like you were sat at the back of the room from the mic. I’ve got my laptop audio maxed out to hear it. Maybe it’s time Youtube had a volume normalise on all videos because while your video audio is low, other videos about blow my speakers out. There’s no set level on youtube so you’ll be watching a video with low audio and then an video advert will come on and blow the speakers out…..

FreeER atubeacct says:

If you have firefox download the “easy youtube downloader” addon (it’ll add a download button beneath youtube videos) otherwise
copy the youtube URL (youtube . com/watch?v=whatever) and then go to keepvid . com and paste the url and hit download. It may pop up wanting you to run a java applet (say yes/run). It will then give you several formats and resolutions. Unless you know that you can run the other formats just choose mp4 and whatever resolution you want (probably 1080p or 720p).

Harish Choudhary says:

this is just awesome adam …..but wat happen if the token seperator is in the starting of the string.

Dany Prasetya says:

nice tutorial !

xDesert3agle says:

Perfect explanation, you helped me a LOT man, thank you!!

Imrose Reza Himel says:

Anyone please Help ! Why I can’t download this video ?? 🙁 I need this.

Kohlbacher says:

Thank you for this! Helps a lot! 🙂

Shepherd Yannis says:

your videos are great, clear explanation. Thanks so much!

med says:

thnks can you explain how to save the tokens into diffrent variables

Drast1c says:


W.Interested.W W.I.W says:

Thank you for your video sir. This video help me a lot !!!

Hammad Siddiqui says:


ahmo ahmic says:

Can we split time and date if we didnt declare array or string

Jesus Fabian says:

thanks a lot dude i’ve read about this like a 1000 times and it didn’t make sense until now

Vasea Tonofa says:

Really cool !

MightyPuff says:


haha thanks a lot, it’s way much clearer now

Abdulrazaq AL-Somali says:

Thank you

FreeER atubeacct says:

Hmmm, I just did a search and apparently easy youtube downloader has been discontinued. Another that works in pretty much the exact same way is “1-Click Youtube Video Downloader (currently version 2.1.1)”. I just switched over to it so I don’t have issues with updates later lol.

Mycotina Fulica says:

What will happen if there is a consecutive terminating character?
For example: I love    donuts (assume that space is a terminating character)

balasubramanian Achuthan says:

Great video and clear explanation. 🙂

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