C Programming Tutorial – 57 – Return Values

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LRHPro says:

thanks for this,
how can I print calculatebonus or void function on txt file using printf or fputs ?

Patriot says:

mate , there is one more thing that you can do a video for these tuts : Iterations and Recursions

Hanook21 says:

who is emma 🙂

Praveen Kumar says:

Thank you bucky ! I started from zero and finally gained good level of knowledge in C.
You are a good teacher. Keep it up.

Lady America New York says:

how do you return more than 1 value from a function?

Raghav Chinda says:

the last return bonus; it worked return; like it too! so do we need ahead or its jst trash knowledge?

raunak jain says:

can you please provide the links for codes you used.?
I didn’t find anything in forum.

TheWombatGuru says:

I don’t want this series to end, I’m scared to tune into the last onee…

Magnus says:

And this, boys and girls, is the “wage gap”.

Ferricity AMV says:

So basically this is the only way to communicate external functions to the Calling function.? Please Answer me.

Samer Jabareen says:

am i the only one who understood boners instead of bonus?

Muhammed Salah says:

This is really helpful thanks mate ..

Raj Sangani says:

Can you please make one on recursive functions?

Shahzeb Naeem says:

Can anyone give me a link to all the source codes?

Bri-Anna Edwardine says:

Are you doing any more? You have such a sexy voice.. and you’re a really good and funny teacher too. 🙂

64humans says:

No offence but tbh that intro gave me cancer…

Rossy says:

thanks for these videos 🙂

IDoneDuked Bot says:

you are amazing

Abhishek Sharma says:

good one .

Codes For Food says:

5:14 is the best part. And i guess Emma was his ex-girlfriend who cheated with 2 of his friend. You know what i’m saying !!!

faisal arshad says:

How do you pass two values, one from main the value being an integer to the first_function and the second value from the first_function the value being a character to a second_function?

Jun Bug says:

This video will trigger feminists.

Alba MK says:

I need help, I’m new to programming.  I’m creating a program that uses a function invented bby myself to concatenate two strings (the aim is not using strcat, but creating the function that does the same) and the program runs well until it says it stops working. I debugged and everything went well until the last printf in int main (). Here’s my code: #include
#include char mystrcat (char str1 [10]  , char str2 [10])
    char concatenate [20];
    int i;
    int j;
    int k;    for (i=0;str1[i]!=’’;i++) {
    k=i;    for (j=0;str2[j]!=’’;j++) {
    concatenate [k]=’’;
    return concatenate;
int main()
    char str1 [10];
    char str2[10];
    char *word;    printf(“Enter your first word: “);
    scanf (“%s”, str1);
    printf(“Enter your second word: “);
    scanf (“%s”, str2);
    word =  mystrcat (str1, str2);
    printf (“Final word: %s”, word);    return 0;

Andrew Cook says:

This is very well explained, it finally makes sense.

Deniel Salvacion says:

hey i have a question, what if u want to let the user input their years worked? what is the syntax for it?

irving c says:

How do you return more than one value back into your main function from a function prototype?

Rozmina Lakada says:

what is the point of void? i’ve seen it in this format:

void funcName(param x, param y){


Mohit Garg says:

hey bucky where are the programs of graphics using C…. i really want to learn this language completly and if you can complete these tutorial with all the stuff we can learn in c programming then it will be very very good for us….

zakwan termizi says:

youre such a lifesaver! thankyou! idk how to payback your kindness

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