C Programming Tutorial – 58 – Pass by Reference vs Pass by Value

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Eduardo Cañizalez says:

Thanks a lot, man! I really enjoyed all 58 videos. I learned a lot and always laughed when you said funny stuff. Again, thanks a lot.

HWQ Wayne says:

For those who finally made it like I did:


void congrats(char*);

int main () {
char finished;
char yourname[25];
printf(“Please enter your name:n”);
Startover: printf(“Have you finished Bucky’s C Programming Tutorial? (y/n)”);
scanf(” %c”, &finished);
switch (finished){
case ‘n’: printf(“Sorry to hear that, %s.n”, yourname);
case ‘y’: congrats(yourname);
default: printf(“Invalid entry, try again.n”);
goto Startover;
return 0;

void congrats (char* yourname){
FILE *fPointer1;
fprintf(fPointer1,”Congrats %s the programmer, find your certificate in the program folder. Bucky is awesome!”, yourname);
char str[200];
FILE *fPointer2;
fPointer2 = fopen(“Certificate.txt”,”r”);

Syed Muhammad Akbar says:

If I want to continue my journey in C, where should I go next? I want to move to GUI and for advance topics of C and I do not want to change the language.

abel ashenafi says:

thanks man FYI i’ve just downloaded all the 58 videos.
i am pretty familiar with c++ and C# pretty well
but i needed to learn C in depth because i started writing code for embedded systems in C
though i was familiar with other high level languages ur videos had helped me a lot.
Thanks man. I mean it

Monty says:

all i can say is, THANK YOU! :’)

Liav says:

what you have done is basically pass a reference to a variable BY VALUE.

Muhammad Nizam says:

Hey bucky….I just wanna say thanks for making an easy+simple yet beneficial videos….you’re the real MVP fam!!

Mad Abir says:

bye bucky

Raiyan Basher says:

Thanking you 58 times for being one of the best teachers I had. And of course, I havent forgotten to subscribe 🙂

Roony frost says:

?i want to understand how to call a function using loops anyone help…

deepcovergecko 1907 says:

printf(“History was made here (cries)n”);

Muhammad Shahryar Azhar says:

Thanks Sir Bucky Roberts!!!
Its been an wonderful journey through the wilderness of C.
I appreciate your hard work and keep it up!!!
Looking forward to your other tutorials.
And once again thanks!!!

Desterius Anami says:

Many thanks brother, Initially i saw C language as something i would never get along with but after watching the tutorials am glad i can run a program. Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Year Zero says:

thank you so much bucky i have completed it all today <3 big thanks to you <3

Vallabh Gulakhe says:

so i finally completed this video series.

曾科特 says:

Thank your videos.

Mud'Ragel says:

You’re one of kind, man. The best teacher I ever had

Techbytes says:

You have taught C way more clearer than my college professor lol. Good job!

M Purefoy says:

It’s been an honor


Thanks a lot Bucky…!!!

Luso Langa says:


Kyle Thompson says:

My C final is Wednesday! Ive spent the last several days with ya man and lemme tell ya, I feel 1000%d more confident! Thanks for this man, its awesome!

abhishek yadav says:

Your videos were awesome. Make a tutorial for c++ also.

名用户 says:

Very good tutorial. I watched through the whole playlist and followed along. I’m glad I did this before uni. I see you have python, c++ and other tuts; I’ll watch them too. But your website seems to be down. Your source codes are available on github but I don’t know how to use that. (Nevermind, you have a github tutorial as well)

Shivaansh Gusai says:

Ready to take on the world! B)

Leo Zhang says:

Once we declared a pointer, I thought we dont need to put an asterisk next to it anymore in the future. so why did you put an asterisk next to i when for *i = 64; ???

Gobberfisch says:

lol I started with Java but with your tutorials and the new understanding of C I can say, stuff in C just makes way more sense too me.

LRHPro says:

thanks for this course , I learned a lot + how far 10 $ will take you this year 😉 ,

Obviouslyaepicguy says:

Thank you so much for your accurate and relaxed lessons, I may be 3 years late but in 3 days I watched all 58 vids and I must say you genuinely helped me from having no idea what C is to actually using it for different apps. Can’t express the size of my gratitude!

Hassaan Tariq says:

This is so helpful!

franky says:

Thanks Bucky! I learned a lot and ill probably review all this again.

Timothy Vandyke says:

I marathoned these in prep for an exam i have in 3 hours. THANK YOU BUCKY WE MADE IT TO THE END!

Also, pointers finally make sense. Thanks!!

G.G.G says:

dang after these 58 videos I feel like I can call you a homie 🙂

Marlin B. says:

3 words
printf(” I Love YOU n”);

abhimanyu sharma says:

int main(){
char name[100]=Buckey Is Awesome I love Your Videos Thank you ;
printf(” %s n” ,comment);
return 0;
small and easy code I love you man 🙂
Will 100% watch your other videos

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