C Programming Tutorial – 6 – Conversion Characters

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Ananya Veepuri says:

to get “ananya is cool
ananya is awesome”
we write printf(“ananya is cooln”);
printf(“ananya is awesome”);
printf(“ananya is coolnananya is awesome”);
for getting” ananya knows math well
she is good at chemistry either
she says,twenty two divided by seven is 3.14
she also says that one plus one is two”
we write printf(“ananya knows math wellnshe is good at chemistryteithernshe says twenty two divided by seven is %f”,3.14);
printf(“she also says that %s plus one is %d”,”one’,1);

my question:what is the other way that we write for the second case without using printf twice?
thank you in advance.

KingZuluKing says:

i love you man ! you are amazing.
Keep up the good work bro


Tawhid Raiyan Tazbi says:

I am sorry in advance for asking dumb questions, but

Could someone please define string?
I didn’t quite get the whole concept of it…

TheLazyLearner says:

Awesome video, and yeah I think they call those numbers float because they float between various other numbers, they float on the number line


please increase the font size..

Nosferatu says:

dude we are not kids. we just come here to learn programming. wtf is bucky is the best person ever? besides that you are cool. cool lessons man.

jim bob says:

I can barely see the text.

Voshchronos says:

Printf doesn’t supor unicode characters? Lel

Xx_ Anonymous says:

when I did the step at 2:08 the /n stayed after I ran it.?

The Ultimate Gamer says:

not working for me why

xoundful says:

thankyou so much. super helpful

romario newell says:

Could any one help me with this quickly? I keep on getting invalid input even when I enter the right character.thanks

char Destination_code;
printf(“nPlease enter the destination code: “);
scanf(” %c”, &Destination_code);

printf(“nYour input is invalid.”);
printf(“nPlease enter the destination code again: “);
scanf(” %c”, &Destination_code);
return 0;

Lester Cute says:

what is that for? when you can just type it directly.? why need conversion? is there any good purpose of that?

Scott Morgan says:

You had Corndog pie? Banana creme I hope . Just a comical thought… These are very informative to us tyro novice programmers.

iPirate says:

when i try to use % after %f it gives me 49n why?Anybody help

barigye moses says:

wish you could make your texts much bigger.zoom

Punn Srivajana says:

Thanks a lot man. Ur the best source for me to learn programming.

raspberry pi says:

The videos are great thanks I like the bitsize approach….. Have a question in “Comments” tho…. Why would you use them in the context you described when you could just write the word/number in the script in the first place ?

Sarika Wahid says:

how to print this pi lines 3 times?plz give a tutorial of this.

Maloucaze says:

how to print crap on the screen

shi liu says:

I can not stop !! thiank you

Jason Heard says:

/* Why are you not available at my university to teach Numerical Analysis and Programming with ANSI C for Engineers? */
// Thank you very much!

Shreyansh Singh says:

Why would I use %s when I can just put the original text I want to

99saugat [ Technical ] says:

Thank You very much ! ! !

Mabinty Kamara says:

Can you help me Bucky,I have a problem with my program

jonathan fierro says:

I beginning to learn C on a mac with xcode. Does anybody know of a good book to help me learn?

Djamel Arab says:

Hi Bucky , u are the best teacher of programmation ever
please keep going

DotCD says:

love your tutorials and how you explain everything

Crazy Baby says:

hey buck thanks

subhadeep paul says:

love you sir.

Qijun Sun says:


mehmet sahin says:

SORRY BRO WHY YOU PUT n on printf (” %s is best”n”,”Bucky”)

Dhruv Pant says:

Aah.. He didn’t said a “Bunch of Crap!” xD


one question at 2:59 if i want to add one more sentence say “i am awesome” in another line at output what should i do.

GrodyMaroon says:

printf(“Bucky makes good instructional videosn”);
printf(“But he may be slightly narcissistic”);

Zamundaaa says:

I think it’s funny how he spells String

KingZuluKing says:

amazing tutorials , hands down

DESHI PrankerZ says:

just owo

徐子涵 says:

Wow! The best teaching class I’ve ever seen! xD

Fancy Sloth Nick says:

So far this is really helping before my Computer science course

Pink Lady says:

I am learning fast with you. Thanks for explaining everything.

p ks says:

your vedios are great but regelution isnt

Anil Mawji says:

this was such a good tutorial the only question i have left to ask is how did you eat 9 whole corn dogs in one night?!

Slytherin Kiss says:

Anyone know why my %f is returning a zero value?
 I just get a zero and a warning – return type of main is not int
 – and –
format %f expects argument of type double.

Shania Victor says:

i have one query please zoom a little on your work i can really see it but i can understand everything

santosh Purandare says:

The Best Teacher Ever !!! Loads of Happiness to you !!!

Niño Dulay says:

why %d doest work it says error

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